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Daily Gratitude: More Sunlight

Pike Place Sunset

Today is the first day after winter solstice, and is 2 seconds longer than yesterday. I’m glad it’s getting brighter, if imperceptibly at this point!

Even though winter is a bit tough on me, with 3 months of gloom and rain, I’m still grateful for the changing seasons that punctuate our lives.

Posted on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 by Jeri
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Daily Gratitude: Seattle Sunshine



Seattle, the emerald city, is known for its rain — and it delivers.

The national weather service reports that we have 226 cloudy days and 81 partly cloudy days a year. Of all those days, we get 155 days of rain.

On the flip side, we have only 58 sunny days a year. And our rare sunshine in the Puget Sound is *glorious* and more precious for its scarcity, with clear, blue skies, and incredible views of sound, mountains and cityscapes in every direction.

Today is one of those sunny days, and the Panda-pet and I will go out for a walk and enjoy it. I am thankful it’s so gorgeous here, rain or shine.

Note: the pictures were taken from my front stairs and back deck, respectively, this morning.

Posted on Friday, December 17th, 2010 by Jeri
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Wrath of Moist*

When we moved here from Seattle, we were excited about moving to a better climate.

This picture is actually in Snoqualmie, Washington, about 45 miles due east of here, and is courtesy of the Seattle Post Intelligencer. There isn’t significant flooding in Poulsbo – yet – because we 1) live on the side of a fjord and 2) have no rivers to contend with. Still, throughout the Puget Sound, interstates are closed, towns are being evacuated, property is underwater and intrepid residents are stacking sandbags.

I realize my Alaskan friends and colleagues have been suffering through a nasty cold snap. At least it’s a dry cold. ::snicker::

*Dr. Horrible reference. Moist has been feeling neglected since the new Dr. Horrible DVD and the new Evil League of Evil applicant videos were released.

Posted on Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 by Jeri
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Winter Photography

The youngest took his camera out for a walk through our winter wonderland.

Icy Cedar

Snowy Pine

Snow Berries

Click to enlarge – and email if you’d like a print sized version. Thanks, Zach, for allowing me to share these.

Posted on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 by Jeri
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Fall Comes Slowly

Based on a suggestion from Nathan, I decided to wander around my yard with a camera and look for signs of fall’s changing colors. Poulsbo has a mild marine climate, we have not had any frost yet, so the changes are subtle but noticeable.

Water Lily
The water lilies in our pond are turning gold.

Heavenly Bamboo
The heavenly bamboo shows touches of crimson.

Solo Performer
A solo leaf turns brilliant magenta long before its companions.

Posted on Saturday, October 11th, 2008 by Jeri
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