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Unnecessary Products: Chapter 431

Need a gift idea for the person who has everything?

The GIPOD 200 Foreman Grill with Ipod/MP3 attachment not only grills, but it can also provide music to help set the mood, whether romantic or fun and festive during a party. (After all, nothing says romance like George Foreman.) For music capabilities, the unit comes equipped with a 10-watt speaker and the ability to be used with an iPod or MP3 player. Other highlights include an adjustable temperature-control probe, 200 sq inch cooking surface, and exclusive George Tough scratch resistant coating.

I personally feel that my steaks are happier when they get to listen to classic rock while they grill, although I’m always worried about mixing up my temperature control probe and my MP3 connector cable.

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Manic Monday Photoshopping

I mentioned yesterday that my suite of procrastination skills included photoshopping. Here’s the result – my Manic Monday entry for this week, a faux cover for my NaNoWriMo novel in progress.

NaNoWriMo 2008 Cover

Crystal’s challenge
, as I paraphrase it, is to come up with a modern day version of a locker door pinup collage, depicting our goals, hopes, obsessions.

Since I never can do an assignment exactly as requested, I twisted it to suit my current focus. My ‘locker door’ is my NaNoWriMo novel in progress, and my graphic representation is a cover mockup for the book. In best cover art tradition, it’s mildly cheesy and is only tangentially related to the actual content of the book.

I have no title yet, but it’s a volcano disaster novel so I used the tongue-in-cheek working title “It Blowed Up Real Good”. (The other working title option was “We Ran Out of Virgins”, but I thought that might be a bit obscure.)

The dream it represents? That someday – in the near future – I’ll get this book or another novel edited into shape and published.

Happy Monday.

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Ghosts & Ghouls!

If you aren’t playing Manic Monday over at Crystal’s Aff the Fang, you should be – she comes up with great ideas.

This week, her challenge was to come up with a creative representation of your own ghost.

My first thought was to screen print my computer’s routing table. That would be all too poetic – my daily existence as represented by IP addresses sent wirelessly through the ether. There are probably security issues there, plus it’s not a very visually compelling picture.

So I got out the Photoshop and played, and voila – my ghost, haunting Yellowstone.

Jeri Ghost

Image notes: I cut an image of myself out of a picture using the polygon select tool, feathered 5px. I inverted it, added a 30px outside glow, and reduced the layer to 60% opacity.

I then layered the waterfall image behind, selected solarize on that layer, set lighting to ‘difference’ for dark and contrasty but not too busy.

Happy Halloween!

Posted on Monday, October 27th, 2008 by Jeri
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Friday Five

Since I am yet again without inspiration, I resurrect a lapsed tradition of mine, the Friday Five – five interesting, geeky items I’ve seen around the web this week.

Presidential Debate on Energy
On Monday, October 6, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will welcome representatives of both presidential campaigns to discuss their respective energy plans in a presidential-style debate. I think this geeky discussion may well be more interesting than the more prosaic candidate debate scheduled for Tuesday.

The Project that Tracks Big Projects
Tracking the projects labeled project is a project in itself. Here is Wired magazine’s fave five. I wouldn’t want to be PM on any of ‘em!

The Vertical Bed: Power nap in the middle of the street
The vertical bed comes with light-blocking sunglasses, noise-canceling headphones, a neck-pillow for comfort, and an umbrella to keep you dry. It stays upright thanks to hooks that will lock into subway grates, and braces and concealed harnesses that keep your legs and back supported.

Mad Cow Sound Check
For Janiece. Did her illustrious employer participate in any of the engineering? Surely there’s some potential for contact center technology here.

Top Ten Emerging Technologies for 2008
Technology Review presents 10 emerging technologies that they think are most likely to change the way we live – and I think they might give NaNoWriMo writers a few ideas as well.

Enjoy these – and let me know if you’ve seen any cool stuff yourself!

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First Home Game

Linebacker Julian Peterson runs onto the field with the 12th man flag.

It’s mid-August, 90 degrees, and I’m at the game. No, not baseball – the Seahawks are playing their first home preseason football game. I’m seeing far more skin on my fellow fans than I’m used to – and the concessionaires are selling an awful lot of beer. Scary combination!

First play of the game – if you don’t count the kickoff.

Update 1: The Hawks are ahead, 6-0, as we near the end of the first quarter. Since both teams are playing backup players, the score is no big deal, still, a win would be great.

Update 2: 9-5, Seahawks, at the half. :)

Update 3: 19-9 Bears, at the end of the 3rd quarter. We lost 40 yards because of a brutal penalty, threw an interception which the Bears promptly ran into the end zone for a touchdown, then failed to block a punt return for a 75 yard touchdown. This is painful.

Update 4: 29-26 Seahawks in OT. Go Seahawks! I guess this means our third string is better than the Bears’ third string.

Note: please pardon the small, blurry pictures. They’re taken on my BlackBerry at 5x digital zoom so I can upload them from the game. I think in the future I’ll use my regular camera and wait until after the game to upload for the sake of decent image quality.

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