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New Ink

I took the plunge and got a rather major new tattoo this weekend. It turned out lovely and I’m quite happy with it.

Tattoo in progress

Tattoo Linework

Finished Tree of Life

The outer design is a modernized Celtic tree of life. Its symbolism is both Christian and pagan, meaning life cycle, eternity & the cosmos. The inner design is the celtic trinity knot, or triquetra, which symbolizes the Christian trinity and the pagan triple goddess: maiden, mother & crone.

The single-sitting project, about 8-9″ in diameter, took 4 1/2 hours. It hurt pretty badly – a clonazepam and all the yoga breathing I could muster didn’t really quite manage it when he was inking the long lines or the more sensitive points. He was great about giving me breaks and letting me know what kind of progress he was making, which helped manage the length of the session.

The awesome guys at Silver City Tattoo here in Poulsbo did the work. (Trent was my artist, but Joe, Bo & Brandon do excellent work as well.)

The tattoo was inspired by this fabulous piece of contemporary art by Jan Delyth.

Posted on Monday, April 19th, 2010 by Jeri
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