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Senior Prom

Senior prom was last weekend and I had the privilege of having my house be the pre-prom gathering area. I love how grown up they look in their finery. :)

Zach and Ashley adoring each other.

Yes, those are katana, as the boys prepare to do battle. Or something.

The girls have fun showing off their shoes.

This last picture gave me a scary flash forward to some future place and time – when I’ll see a similar image in a wedding.

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Saturday Adventure: Sailing Liberty Bay

Today the family and I rented a sailboat and took an initial sailing lesson. We’ve always loved boating and being on the water but have long wanted to sail – and got the chance.

It was a lovely day on Liberty Bay and the sun on the water worked its stress relieving magic. I’ll definitely do this again.

Racing Sailboat
This was NOT the boat we rented, but was easily the loveliest boat on the water today – a racing sailboat of some sort.

Zach & Cheri
Zach and Cheri watch the windvane.

Zach the helmsman
Zach the helmsman steers the boat.

Zach sails
Zach watches from the sail deck.

Jeri on boat
Apparently I was the captain since I signed the rental contract. Who knew?

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Afternoon Kayaking

It was absolutely beautiful today in the Puget Sound area, so late this afternoon the boys and I went down the hill to Liberty Bay and went kayaking.

Mt Rainier
Mt. Rainier looms over the marina.

Jeri in Kayak
Me in my (rented) kayak.

Ben & Zach
Zach and Ben conferring about something. Zach has his own inflatable kayak; it’s not quite as efficient as a traditional one but boy is it portable!

Ben in front of condo
Ben takes a break and waits for us in front of the Gran Kirk condos. The bottom right one is for sale and I can afford it, but I’ve resisted going to look at it.

The breakwater was inhabited by a very tame colony of seals.

It was a lot of fun – and we’ll definitely try to do it more frequently.

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Viking Fest

One of my friends asked me how Lutefisk Fest went. :)

Sons of Norway
Sons of Norway float – with Vikings! – at the opening parade.

My Sister Sadie
My four legged black sister Sadie, mom’s nearly human Aussie.

It was a really great day, sunny, 70, and Cheri and mom were excellent company.

Sadie also accompanied us – not by design – but as we started walking to the shuttle bus she jumped the fence and ran out and across a busy road after us. Scared us silly! So as her punishment she got put on leash, taken downtown, and snarfed her way through the food court.

I missed the pancake breakfast, but had a superb grilled chicken florentine crepe instead. We enjoyed the parade, the waterfront and the people watching, but missed the fireworks.

Zach and his girlfriend and buddies stayed downtown until the carnival closed at 9, and then wandered back home. I love that 1) I live in a small town where that’s the norm, and 2) I have a great kid who I trust.

Then I got to do some company cooking – yeah, cooking! – and have another great sunny day with mom again today.

I did manage to miss the all-you-can-eat lutefisk session. Doggone it! Maybe next year.

How was your weekend?

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Poulsbo Photos

Last weekend, I took some photos while wandering around downtown Poulsbo. It’s a super-cute, Norwegian-themed small town, but it’s hard to capture by camera because it’s so flat and spread out – and so busy!

Waterfront Trail
Waterfront trail west of the park.

Sluys' Bakery
Regionally famous Sluys’ Bakery has been dishing up Danish pastry for over 40 years.

Senior Center
If I were retired I’d want to hang out here!

Liberty Bay Bookstore
Yeah for independent booksellers!

Kvellstad Pavilion
This is the same pavilion as in the sunset picture a couple days ago – and the site of many summer concerts and gatherings.

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