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Weekend Adventure: Dungeness Spit

Today Ben and I went for a day hike. He wanted a beach hike, so I decided to try the picturesque Dungeness Spit, part of the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge.

Dungeness Spit
Ben hiking

The hike is rated as both easy and picturesque, winding down through a half mile of cedar rainforest then along the long, long narrow spit to the lighthouse at the end – five miles, one way. And then back. Hiking guidebooks recommend doing this hike at low tide; I second that! As the tide rises, there’s an awful lot of scrambling through driftwood and deep sand required.

Broken Boat
Beach Flowers

The wildlife refuge exists to protect native colonies of Brant geese and other birds; we saw cranes, murres, murrelets and finches. I didn’t even try to get pictures, still, it was fun trying to spot them.

Jeri at Lighthouse
Towards Port Angeles

I’d never done a day hike this long before, but figured it would be flat and easy, why not try? And I did it. :) Still, with the shifting sand and beach pebbles and the driftwood scrambling, I’m definitely going to feel it tomorrow.

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Saturday Hike: Fort Flagler


Ben and I went hiking today at Fort Flagler State Park, on Marrowstone Island, about an hour from home. It’s a pretty fascinating little piece of military history in our own backyard.

Marrowstone Point
Marrowstone Point

Battery Lee
Gun emplacement at Battery Lee

Fort Flagler, along with two other Puget Sound area forts, guarded the waterways. Established in the late 1890′s, they became the first line of a fortification system designed to prevent a hostile fleet from reaching the Bremerton Naval Yard and the cities of Seattle, Tacoma and Everett.

Battery Revere
Battery Revere

Winch Battery Rawlins
Winch at Battery Rawlins

During World War I, ten of the fort’s guns were redeployed – only two remain onsite. During World War II and the Korean War the fort was used for training in amphibious warfare, and at the end of the Korean War, June 7, 1953, Fort Flagler was deactivated.

Battery Calwell
Battery Calwell

Wansboro Battery
Battery Wansboro, with one of the two remaining guns.

As always, click through to enlarge an image, or for more pictures in my Flickr photo set from the day’s adventure.

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Weekend Hike: Shi Shi Beach

Happy Independence day!

To celebrate, I went hiking, independently. I drove the MINI up to Cape Flattery and walked the Shi Shi Beach trail.


It was a lovely day in the Puget Sound area, predicted to hit 80+, but on the coast it was 60 – perfect for hiking. Parts of the 4.5 mi trail were deep rainforest, parts were sunny boardwalk, and parts were misty ocean bluff – totally gorgeous.

Sunny boardwalk

Rainforest Bridge

Windblown trees

Misty Trees

Misty Bluff

The first 2 miles of the trail were easy, wide trails and gradual incline. The last ΒΌ mile, though, was the killer – about 300 vertical feet, scrambling up and down steep switchbacks, and using tangled tree roots like irregular stairsteps. The view at the bottom was worth it, though!

Steep path

The beach!

There are more pics on Flickr, which all these images link to, of the day’s scenery.

Even though Maggie the MINI is fun to drive, the drive was a bit long – three hours each way. The last 45, though, was pretty much perpetual S-curve and hairpin turns, as fun to drive in the MINI as a roller coaster ride.

I’m glad I got out and pushed myself!

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Sunday Hike: Hansville Greenway

I had never been up to the relatively close greenway trails and they were a wonderful surprise — 6-8 miles of various loops and point-to-point destinations, all shady and not too extremely hilly, with so many birds and so much wildlife it felt like I was taping a nature sounds CD. Here are some photos from the expedition:

Buck Lake
The trails take off from Buck Lake, a picturesque, peaceful small lake surrounded by iris and cat tails.

Trail through meadow
The trail meanders off through a meadow of tall grass and blackberry brambles.

Mossy Bench
It quickly winds into deep rainforest – this mossy bench was inviting.

Baby Trees
The circle of life — baby trees growing out of big ones.

Golden Raspberries
The wild raspberries glowed incandescently, in spite of the overcast day.

Wild Honeysuckle
I’m not quite sure what this wildflower is – wild honeysuckle? – but it’s striking.

Quiet Place
One of the many viewpoint benches on the trail, the “Quiet Place” is actually a memorial.

The Trail
The road goes ever on.

Jeri at Lower Hawk Pond
There is a fabulous birdwatching platform at Lower Hawk Pond, where I snapped this blurry shot of myself.

Deer on the trail
I wasn’t actually hiking alone today; these friends accompanied me the last half mile of my journey, keeping about 30-50 feet ahead the entire time.

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Saturday Hike (Not!)

For this Saturday’s hike, I chose an entirely different venue.

The Seattle premium outlet malls. Needless to say, more side-tripping got done than actual hiking, and that was ok. My husband not only accompanied me voluntarily – he actually suggested the outing.

He is a Big Dogs fan, and picked up new t-shirts for everyone. He got me a new sleep shirt that reads “It’s cute that you think I’m listening.” ;)

We finished up the date day with dinner at ubiquitous mall-chain-restaurant staple PF Changs. Yum.

It wasn’t Olympic National Park – but in many ways was just as good for body and soul.

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