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Daily Gratitude: Teen Boy Squad

I’m very thankful to have the teen boy squad in my life – they add energy & laughter & creativity.

The teen boy squad started out as Ben and Zach, back when Ben was still a teen. It has expanded to include their awesome entourage of friends (my adopted extra sons) to include, variously, Nat, Mitchell, Toryn, Travis. Plus, Ashley likes them, keeps them humble & laughs with them. The adoption is mutual – I get hugs and courtesy and help from them as well.

These excellent, brilliant, geeky young men were a fixture around my Poulsbo house. LAN parties, D&D all night, Halo marathons… many Saturday mornings, I’ve come downstairs and found various large teen bodies draped and sleeping on available surfaces. (I feed them and listen to them, which probably keeps them coming back.) Most of them have taken a non-drinking vow. Most of them treat their girlfriends very well. Most have gone on to college or full time jobs but they stay in close touch. They’re *great* kids.

Tonight many of them came to see TRON 3D with us, and it was a really excellent reunion for Zach and for me. I’m grateful to have them in my life; I learn from them and enjoy their company.

Note: Where did we get the name? Web comic Homestar Runner has a series called “Teen Girl Squad”, super funny, and the name just morphed from that to “Teen Boy Squad”. The above image is from Homestar Runner’s partner ‘toon, “4 Gregs”.

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Daily Gratitude: Love

I’m thankful for love in my life – for the ability to care deeply for others, and be cared for in return. It makes everything worthwhile.

The Greek had several words for love, while our limited English just has the one, and theirs are more descriptive:

  • eros is passionate love, with sensual desire and longing.

  • storge is natural affection, such as the love of a parent toward a child.
  • philia is a dispassionate virtuous love of friends, family, and community, and requires virtue, equality and familiarity.
  • agape is a general affection or deeper sense of unconditional “true love” rather than the attraction suggested by “eros”

I love my amazing family and friends dearly, and hope that my heart never becomes scarred and afraid to care, afraid to hope, afraid to love unconditionally.

I’m grateful for love.

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Daily Gratitude: Music and Friendship

Today I give thanks for spectacular music shared with an amazing friend.

She and I have supported each other through hard times, good times, joy and heartbreak, for over a decade and I love her and her family dearly – I consider them my family.

Today we went to our first classical music concert – Handel’s Messiah, performed by the Seattle Symphony and Chorale at the acoustically excellent Benaroya Hall. It was an experience of a lifetime, like being immersed in the music of the spheres.

The Seattle Symphony and Chorale were excellent, but the guest artists were amazing, especially the soprano, Dominique LaBelle, whose fabulous voice could have filled the concert hall without amplification.

Sharing it with one of my dearest friends was a bonus; we will always remember this adventure.

Above is a cut from Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus”; the performance today awed and humbled us.

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Daily Gratitude: Henry

A year ago my good friend Susannah gave birth to her first baby, Henry, and I have the privilege of attending his first birthday party this afternoon.

Henry is an adorable, happy, busy baby, and Susannah and Chris are AMAZING parents. (Not to mention one of the happiest couples I know, and living, positive examples of their Christian faith.) Henry is the luckiest boy…

I’m grateful today for having them in my life. Susannah and Chris’ friendship means a lot, and having the privilege of playing with a baby is an antidote to whatever ails you, it’s joy and enthusiasm and certitude that the human race will continue. I hope to learn to see the world through his eyes, with the happiness and wonder of a new inhabitant of this world.

So happy birthday, Henry! I’m so glad to know you and watch you grow.

Note: the photo is courtesy of Susannah, who shared it on FB.

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Daily Gratitude: Girls’ Night

Years ago, my sister Cheri started spending Thursday nights hanging out with her neighbor Michele watching Project Runway. This became Girls’ Night, complete with an amazing appetizer menu, wine or mixed drinks, assorted desserts, and various entertainment options. They have always welcomed others to the table – so when able, others of us participate as well.

Last night was our Christmas pre-function, and so we went all out:

  • gorgonzola pear tarts

  • salami and Chinese bbq pork
  • smoked salmon, brie & french bread
  • spinach artichoke jalapeno dip w/ pita chips
  • cambozola and mango/ginger white stilton cheese w/ crackers
  • apple pie
  • molten chocolate cake
  • hot buttered rum, baileys and mocha liqueur

We watched the surprisingly interesting DVD “The Last Station” – a biopic of Tolstoy’s last days – but mostly hung out, hugged and chatted.

While the menu and entertainment are fun and often over the top, most importantly, the company was amazing. Cheri and Michele are awesome friends, and I’m grateful for their support, their inspiration and the little window of good cheer in my life.

Hugs, love and thanks to them both!

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