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My friend Vince is resurrecting a meme along the lines of “Ten things I’ve done that you probably have not.” I thought I’d jump in, although ten things is a minor challenge because my life is rather normal.

  1. Was born in a country that no longer exists РBurma Рchild of a military embassy attach̩.

  2. Created and fed keypunch cards into an early mainframe computer.
  3. Learned to flyfish at 10 and prospect & pan for gold at 14
  4. Self-administered my own allergy shots for two years.
  5. Went cliff diving at midnight in an eastern Washington lake with friends.
  6. Rode in a ski patrol toboggan down a black diamond mogul-studded run – with a shredded knee. (Oh, and ski-bummed for a winter, too!)
  7. Married a man with the exact same first and middle name as me, creating a couple with identical names. (And divorced a man etc…)
  8. Rode a snow machine up the Yukon River at sunrise on the last leg of a business trip.
  9. Traveled above the arctic circle a few times. (OK, not all that unique given my Alaskan background and friends.)
  10. Swam an open water mile, sans wetsuit, in cold water.

What about you? What have you done that’s unique?

Note: this post is part of my commitment to WordPress’s Post a Week 2011 blog initiative. You can also do a post a day, but that’s probably not realistic for my busy self.

My friend Stephanie, aka @agenticecream, alerted me to the challenge – I look forward to seeing the year through with her.

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To the Sea II

This installment in BLITEOTW 2009 was written by zombie fan Zach!


“Hello, this is Br–”

“Honey! Where are you??”

“I’m still at work…Is everything okay? George?”

“Stay there! I’m coming to get you!”

“Honey? What is goi–”

I hung up. I had no time for screwing around. We needed to be out of town this morning. There was no time left…

A figure shone in the distance in the beam of light from the Ford GT. As I neared it I noticed that it was missing a leg. Bad news. I didn’t care to stop. I was sure it wasn’t of the living. I was wrong. Zombies feel no pain, however, when I hit this body a piercing scream rang out; like that of steel being ripped in two. It was a human, not zombie, that I had torn in half.

I didn’t have time to think; I needed to cross forty seven miles to Smith Tower in downtown Seattle, and I needed to get there yesterday.

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To the Sea

I burned my thumb and cursed as I applied the last weld to my creation; my old M16 with the new chainsaw securely attached to the barrel would be a nice addition to my arsenal.

Fricking zombies. It was just two weeks ago I would have been sleeping in, having pancakes for breakfast, taking the dogs for a walk. Now the dogs were gone, early victims of the virus, and the boys were augmenting the national guard on the front lines.

I didn’t know if they were ok or not. The cell network and phone lines were one of the first things to go down when the sickness spread, destroyed during the mindless raging violence that accompanied the virus.

The shortwave radio sputtered static, and an operator announced that the horde was just south of downtown. He cut out, ominously, in the middle of a sentence and never returned.

I starting tossing weapons into the passenger seat of the car. Axe. Knives. Shotgun. New hybrid M16. On a whim, I tossed the welding torch in as well, and finally wedged my pistol on the dash, above the steering wheel.

The car’s gas tank was full, and I was pretty sure I could make it to the boat, that is, if I didn’t encounter any stray zombie bands separated from the main horde.

I took a deep breath, climbed in, drained the last of the bottle of scotch, and hit the gas pedal hard. I wasn’t sure why, but live or die, I was going to fight with everything I had to make it out to sea.

This post is a part of BLITEOTW 2009.

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25 Random Things

There is a note going around Facebook which asks folks to identify 25 random things about themselves. I’m swiping it for my blog, since I need post material. Feel free to use it yourself, if you choose.

1. I was born in Rangoon, Burma, which is now Yangon, Myanmar, but only lived there for two years.
2. I won the junior high school spelling bee in 6th, 7th and 8th grades.
3. My dad taught me to flyfish when I was twelve, and I still love it.
4. I earned the exalted rank of Girl Scout First Class, and my award was signed by former President Jimmy Carter.
5. In high school I was an editor on the school paper and a flag-twirler in the color-guard.
6. I graduated from high school at 16 and started college at 17, which required that my parents sign permission and medical care releases with my dorm and the student health clinic.
7. I was baptized in my college swimming pool. This was anticlimactic since I spent 4 hours a day in that same water on the college swim team, and worked there as a lifeguard.
8. I was in Army ROTC in college, and wanted nothing more than to follow in my dad *and* mom’s footsteps and become a military officer, but at 19% body fat (athletic range) I was 15 pounds over the Army’s acceptable weight.
9. I ski-bummed for a quarter in college in Big Sky, Montana, until I blew out my knee.
10. My college major was in technical writing, but after working in the field for two years I realized I detested doing it for a living.
11. I lived in the UK – RAF Mildenhall – for two years, teaching at the Department of Defense junior high while my ex-husband was stationed there.
12. I taught business school for four years for a for-profit vocational college that eventually went under. My children will never attend a for-profit college.
13. Both of my children arrived weeks later than their anticipated delivery date. Things have not changed.
14. I met my husband on the Internet; I was a science fiction chat host. He was a Star Trek fan but I overlooked that and got to know him anyway.
15. I snow-machined up the Yukon river in -35° weather at sunrise. It was a business trip.
16. I drive a $%&#@%! minivan, which I swore I never would and don’t like much – but it has room in the back for two 6’3″ teen boys.
17. I don’t drink, dance or gamble, but it’s hardly for religious reasons. (Migraines, lack of coordination, and just not fun for me)
18. I am a compulsive and rapid reader, at about 100 paperback pph. My preference is science fiction, but will read fantasy, mystery, literature, biography, non-fiction, etc.
19. I love to metalsmith, work with beads & wire and make jewelry & metal art. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry though, I just enjoy the creative process and the end result.
20. I have a mild and much improved phobia of worms, which means I garden with gloves on.
21. I am a pimp, certified and everything. (A PMP is a certified project management professional but they nickname us “pimps”.)
22. I dislike watching television and especially detest having it constantly on in the background. It’s a distraction I can’t filter out. I pick an occasional (geeky) show and watch tape-delayed so I can fast-forward through the ads.
23. While I am technically savvy and reasonably knowledgeable, troubleshooting makes me crazy and cranky; it’s a very good thing I did not choose that career path.
24. Someday after I finish paying for the teen boy squad’s college I’m going to go back to school and earn an MFA in metal arts.
25. I’m a member of a super-secret organization called the UCF. We’re dedicated to international espionage, debunking bad science, creative writing and comment-hijacking.

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I’ll Show You Mine

The news has been so grim lately, I think it’s time for an amusing diversion. What could be more entertaining than embarrassing teen & childhood pictures? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. :)

Jeri Cowboy
My 4th birthday with a new cowgirl outfit. Many cowgirls wear red keds.

Jeri w/ Socks
Camping over spring break, ca 1975. We grew up in the desert, this is where we camped – at least the fishing was excellent. Loved the socks.

Jeri Swim
I spent the better part of a decade in the pool, although I was not particularly good at it. This was about 1979, Pasco pool.

Jeri James Homecoming
1980 homecoming; my date was a close friend. Youth is wasted on the young.

Your mission is to unearth two or three pictures of yourself from your child or teen years, scan or digitally image them and post them. Extra points are awarded for humorous or embarrassing images!

I dare you!

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