JeriHi. I’m Jeri. You may think I’m a mild mannered, middle-aged IT geek with a newly empty nest, but I’m actually a covert operative for a highly secret agency. My spy job is passing confidential information from member to member throughout the US and Europe, and theoretically, a discreet assassination or two. (I suck at wetwork, it’s really best to assign those jobs elsewhere.)

My day job in telecom IT varies – depending on the usually medium-to-large project, I can be a project manager, a business architect or a test lead. My hours can be insanely long, which annoys me because I don’t have any time left for undercover missions, seducing enemy operatives, or my chosen avocations.

Avocations, you ask? Besides cleaning weapons, learning new encryption algorithms, redecorating my secret lair, and practicing 5th degree black belt belly dancing? I write, read, metalsmith, paint, cook, entertain, travel, hike, swim, kayak, sail… Someday I’d like to relocate my secret lair to a live-aboard sailboat.

My twin superpowers are spelling and shopping – and of course I don’t shop at places with misspelled trade names, that would be *obscene*.

I was born in Burma, live in Seattle but maintain dual, non-dividend residency in Anchorage, AK, where I often work at my company headquarters. I live in a big tall eco-friendly West Seattle fortress of solitude and am owned by one dog and two psycho kittens. They are not spy beasties, just plain good company at the end of a long day.

I am independent and on my own now after the loss of my husband nearly two years ago; my amazing 18- & 21-year old sons live in an apartment near their college at the north end of Seattle. I’m working on becoming comfortable with my solo status. I go out with friends of both genders fairly frequently, and while I enjoy their company, I am not actively seeking any major romance in my life. It would hinder my ability to be Mata Hari when duty calls.

Being on my own hardly means I’m alone; I have amazing, totally awesome family (mom and sister in the Seattle area) and friends (all over the US). They are the silver lining to my life and I am forever grateful to them.