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My friend Vince is resurrecting a meme along the lines of “Ten things I’ve done that you probably have not.” I thought I’d jump in, although ten things is a minor challenge because my life is rather normal.

  1. Was born in a country that no longer exists РBurma Рchild of a military embassy attach̩.

  2. Created and fed keypunch cards into an early mainframe computer.
  3. Learned to flyfish at 10 and prospect & pan for gold at 14
  4. Self-administered my own allergy shots for two years.
  5. Went cliff diving at midnight in an eastern Washington lake with friends.
  6. Rode in a ski patrol toboggan down a black diamond mogul-studded run – with a shredded knee. (Oh, and ski-bummed for a winter, too!)
  7. Married a man with the exact same first and middle name as me, creating a couple with identical names. (And divorced a man etc…)
  8. Rode a snow machine up the Yukon River at sunrise on the last leg of a business trip.
  9. Traveled above the arctic circle a few times. (OK, not all that unique given my Alaskan background and friends.)
  10. Swam an open water mile, sans wetsuit, in cold water.

What about you? What have you done that’s unique?

Note: this post is part of my commitment to WordPress’s Post a Week 2011 blog initiative. You can also do a post a day, but that’s probably not realistic for my busy self.

My friend Stephanie, aka @agenticecream, alerted me to the challenge – I look forward to seeing the year through with her.

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