Daily Gratitude: Teen Boy Squad

I’m very thankful to have the teen boy squad in my life – they add energy & laughter & creativity.

The teen boy squad started out as Ben and Zach, back when Ben was still a teen. It has expanded to include their awesome entourage of friends (my adopted extra sons) to include, variously, Nat, Mitchell, Toryn, Travis. Plus, Ashley likes them, keeps them humble & laughs with them. The adoption is mutual – I get hugs and courtesy and help from them as well.

These excellent, brilliant, geeky young men were a fixture around my Poulsbo house. LAN parties, D&D all night, Halo marathons… many Saturday mornings, I’ve come downstairs and found various large teen bodies draped and sleeping on available surfaces. (I feed them and listen to them, which probably keeps them coming back.) Most of them have taken a non-drinking vow. Most of them treat their girlfriends very well. Most have gone on to college or full time jobs but they stay in close touch. They’re *great* kids.

Tonight many of them came to see TRON 3D with us, and it was a really excellent reunion for Zach and for me. I’m grateful to have them in my life; I learn from them and enjoy their company.

Note: Where did we get the name? Web comic Homestar Runner has a series called “Teen Girl Squad”, super funny, and the name just morphed from that to “Teen Boy Squad”. The above image is from Homestar Runner’s partner ‘toon, “4 Gregs”.

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