Daily Gratitude: Seattle Sunshine



Seattle, the emerald city, is known for its rain — and it delivers.

The national weather service reports that we have 226 cloudy days and 81 partly cloudy days a year. Of all those days, we get 155 days of rain.

On the flip side, we have only 58 sunny days a year. And our rare sunshine in the Puget Sound is *glorious* and more precious for its scarcity, with clear, blue skies, and incredible views of sound, mountains and cityscapes in every direction.

Today is one of those sunny days, and the Panda-pet and I will go out for a walk and enjoy it. I am thankful it’s so gorgeous here, rain or shine.

Note: the pictures were taken from my front stairs and back deck, respectively, this morning.

One Response to “Daily Gratitude: Seattle Sunshine”

  1. Nathan Says:

    I think I saw that sun a couple of times when I was out there. But definitely not on the day we went to the top of the Space Needle. It might have come in handy there.