Daily Gratitude: Telecommuting

Today I’m working at home, curled up in my big burgundy recliner with my dog on my feet and a cat draped across the back. I can take the dog for a walk on my lunch hour, or take a lunchtime nap if I choose.

I have *non-Christmas* music playing on my iPod in the background, all my favorite coffee/tea items readily available, and a really awesome view. I like this work environment; I get more done and it makes me happy. My commute is only 30 seconds – just walk downstairs – and I don’t have to deal with pouring rain and late buses. In fact, I have no bus, coffee or lunch costs. (Admittedly, I wouldn’t have lunch costs if I were organized enough to pack my lunch when I go into the office.)

Certainly, there’s value in going to the office and working face-to-face with people. It’s good for the frame of mind to be around others. Collaboration via whiteboard, group work sessions and brainstorming is more effective in person. I learn a lot about the business and the various initiatives we’re working on through informal coffee cup conversations. And I *like* my colleagues, they’re good to hang out with!

Still, I’m very grateful for the flexibility to work from home when I choose, when I don’t have scheduled face-to-face meetings. It was a necessary perk when I lived in Poulsbo, and it’s still very welcome now.

One Response to “Daily Gratitude: Telecommuting”

  1. Phiala Says:

    The strict workplace/work hour requirements at this job (NOT following government policies on same) are what will drive me to leave. All I want is to be able to manage my own time without being treated as if I were unreliable.