Daily Gratitude: the Day Job

Today, appropriately for a Monday, I’m grateful for my job, my employer and my colleagues.

In this recession economy, of course, I’m very thankful to have a job at all. Many of my industry peers and members of my social circle lost their jobs two years ago, and spent months and even years finding something new. I am grateful for the financial and emotional security of a longtime job with a stable employer, and for work that’s challenging and interesting every single day.

I’ve been with GCI* for nearly 14 years, in four different departments and positions. When I moved south from Anchorage to Seattle, I had the privilege of being able to keep my job and continue working for them out of the Seattle office. The company pays fairly, has excellent benefits, and is a leader in flexible schedules, telecommuting, and virtual employees/projects. Most importantly, though, I work with an immensely talented, productive and congenial group of people that I’m proud to call friends as well as colleagues.

And my job? Currently I’m working as a business analyst – the person who turns business requirements into technical specifications, and then tests the solution to ensure it works as designed and required. I like that, with project work, every project is a new adventure, a new opportunity to learn and a new team. I like that I get to learn and stretch daily, be creative and analytical, and see tangible results with my customers at the end of the day. And, I like working in technology, in IT – I actually enjoy big, difficult, highly technical enterprise wide projects that take months and years, projects that would have been the stuff of science fiction decades ago.

Yes, admittedly, there is a downside. The hours and travel are insane and the deadline stress is sometimes intense. Still, it’s the cost of working in the IT business at my level and the advantages far outweigh the challenges.

To whoever/whatever universe or deity arranges such things – thank you.


*I very rarely mention my employer’s name in print on the web, but in this case, giving thanks, I think it’s appropriate and acceptable.

One Response to “Daily Gratitude: the Day Job”

  1. Holy Says:

    The travel has been grueling for you, I know – but the telecommuting – that’s been sweet.

    This is a great segue – this month of gratitude – into thinking about a year long theme or intention for your life next year. Food for thought. :)