Daily Gratitude: Zach

Day before yesterday, it started raining inside my house as well as outside. This is usually not good.

The caulking on the upper outside frame of my sliding glass doors had cracked, and a really solid rainstorm with wind angling the rain into the back of my house set off the leak. (This is Seattle, we have serious windy rainstorms all winter long.) I had no idea what to do, as I’m not a handyperson, but my mom and my son Zach did.

Then my awesomely helpful, handy and mechanically/spatially gifted youngest came over the next morning to help. Zach went shopping for caulking and the supplies for a new back porch overhang shelter, and set about fixing the caulking & installing the overhang for me.

Today I’m grateful for my son, who is both handy and helpful. He’s grown into someone I’m proud of, who I really like and admire. Go, Zach!


Note: the amazing and brilliant Janiece and Carol Elaine are doing a month of gratitude too – please join us!

One Response to “Daily Gratitude: Zach”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Ah, when a boy grows into a handy man, that is a true sign of manhood. What a wonderful thing to be grateful for. I am grateful to know your entire family. :)