Back to School

I’ve long said I’d go back to school for my graduate degree only when I found a program I was passionate about.

I’ve found it. ;)

University of Hertfordshire in the UK will be offering an MA in Vampire Literature, beginning this fall. I’m not quite sure where Hertfordshire is, what the entrance requirements are, or how much it would cost, but I’m checking student visa requirements now.

On top of that, from April 16-17, the University of Hertforshire will host a two day conference entitled “Open Graves, Open Minds: Vampires and the Undead in Modern Culture”. Apparently some of the awesome papers presented at the conference sessions will be used in the graduate program:

  • Gothic Charm School, or How Vampires Learned to Sparkle

  • “Vegetarian” Vampires: Morality of the Anti-Villain in Selected Vampire Novels
  • Fundamentalism, Hybridity and the Vampire body: Postmodern Vampirism and the Presidency of George W. Bush

If you were attending the conference, what paper would you want to concoct and present?

Via i09, the blog I wish I wrote.

6 Responses to “Back to School”

  1. Eric Says:

    I dunno. Former participants have said it sucks and bites and another said it was a “bloody mess.” You wouldn’t want to make a mis-stake–maybe you can bury yourself in another program in a similar vein?


  2. mattw Says:

    Anything I might have had to say would pale in comparison to the bite of Eric’s fang-sharp wit.

  3. shellie mcdannel Says:

    no way, is that for real??

  4. Bill Says:

    One of the presentations I’d like to see would be about why there are no vampires in the future. You never see one in Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.

  5. Bill Says:

    Jeri, maybe your next novel project can be a space vampire story.

  6. Jeri Says:

    Eric, ROFLMAO.

    Bill, I can think of a couple of SF/vampire books that were well done, but not many! I think the issue is twofold. One is that publishers prefer to pigeonhole by genre – either you’ve written a paranormal book or you’ve written a SF/space opera book. Not both. The second is that by definition, it’s very difficult to mix elements of fantastic in with science fiction, so vampires in SF need to be based in science, not supernatural (disease, alien race, etc.) Still, it’d be a fun story!