Chick Stuff: Spring Fashion

Today I am writing about fashion. As in, clothes, cut, color, shoes, etc. Before my tesosterone-laden friends run screaming away to look at electronics, power tools and edged weapons, here is some fashion for you:


See, that wasn’t so painful, was it? Although I can’t imagine spending $140 on a swimsuit – ouch!

Now, for those of you that are still here. I wandered into one of my favorite stores about ten days ago, and was annoyed and dismayed by what I saw on display. You see, I do like to shop, occasionally, and enjoy finding good deals on comfortable, flattering clothes. Still, sometimes I seem to have seasons, even years, when the fashion industry and I are through, professionally.

This year, I detested the colors. They were all summery, cool-toned brights, announcing, “Hello, I’m a day-glo snow-cone” to the world. See the color chart below – according to entertaining image blog You Look Fab, they are supposedly the colors for spring/summer 2010.


These are decidedly not my colors. I prefer earth tones – every shade of beige, khaki and brown, with warm reds, oranges, greens and golds.

When looking at actual clothing, I saw lots of polka dots, stripes and garish retro prints. And, not only are short shirts and excessive ruffles still the trend, now it seems that retailers are pushing one-shoulder styles and skinny jeans. (I predict they’ll also be plentiful on the clearance racks this fall!)

Below are a couple of stores’ representative assortments. I started with my favorite – Lane Bryant – the reasonably priced, relatively modern friend of the tall, curvy woman.


And when I struck out there, I went on to Nordstrom (below) and Macys, thinking I might have better luck with more classic colors there.


Nope. Eye-searing brights are, unfortunately, in.

I’m not going to be spending much on clothes this season. I may even get reacquainted with my sewing machine.

9 Responses to “Chick Stuff: Spring Fashion”

  1. Tania Says:

    Earth tones don’t work for me. Some of those colors are a bit much for my tending toward conservative tastes, but this might luck out and be a year I get to buy clothes in colors I like. Yay!

    (sorry Jeri)

  2. Janiece Says:

    How very disappointing. I suspect this means that my “I’ve reached my goal shopping spree” is going to be more shopping and less spree…

  3. Nathan Says:

    Some of those colors would look nifty on a Ford F-150! (Do they still make those? D’oh!)

  4. WendyB_09 Says:

    Yeah, I’m thinking more sewing this year as well, but the last time I sewed my own clothes patterns were about $5, now they’re $15!! Yikes!

    I headed over to my favorite Macy’s Womans department right before Christmas and half of it was dedicated over to the winter coats. Hmph. Some of my favorite brands were not in evidence and the prices were outrageous. The color palate of brights & flourescents definately not to my liking.

    Next stop was Coldwater Creek & Talbots, a little better, they’re at least showing decent colors, but didn’t have my size in a couple things so will have to wait for their sale that comes up soon. Finally managed to find some slacks when I was in NC over the holidays at a Belks, will have to check the stores here to see if they’re carrying the same line.

    As for colors, purple & teal are my alltime favorites, but I prefer the darker conservative shades to the super dagloey brights. Pair them with an assortment of neutrals and I’m a happy camper. Blazers are either multi colored tapestry or solid/tweedy basics.

    Since I work in a business casual office, I only have to worry about dressy business suits for days I go to court with the boss.

  5. Anne C. Says:

    I’m like Tania in that I look awful in earthtones (chocolate brown being the sole exception). Cool jewel-tones are more my style. Some of the colors shown above (NOT the pastels) might work for me, but the excessive ruffling and skinny jeans will definitely not. Sorry that you’re striking out in the shopping “department”!

    PS – Love that the eye candy you put at the top is a realistically sized woman!

  6. MWT Says:

    Ooo. My favorite types of colors are back in? Maybe I should go do my once-per-decade shopping now…

  7. Random Michelle K Says:

    Luckily, there’s always black.

  8. Job Hunting Tips Says:

    I would rather see a girl in a swimsuit than a power tool, any day!

  9. Beast Mom Says:

    At least it’s not all 80′s neon. I think they ARE trying very hard to ressurect all things 80′s. Some things should stay dead. :)

    BTW, I think you look best in the colors you say you like. Your hair in particular just goes with autumn. Yes, the entire season.