Godwin’s Law: Twitter Edition

Today we have a guest post by my youngest and snarkiest, Zach. He says:

ride_with_hitlerI have come to this realization…

Many years ago Hitler was on the verge of defeat. Rather than accepting death, he created Twitter. It was only an idea to be carried through the generations, but ideas are strong. This particular idea was the embodiment of Hitler’s malevolence. And so every tweet feeds the Hitler-y apocalypse. Be strong, be focused, do not tweet.

And to fight this dread evil…FACEBOOK QUIZZES. You see, Facebook quizzes were made to summon forth Anduril, Flame of the West, the blade reforged from the shards of Narsil, Sauron’s bane. And so, with every Facebook quiz taken, we are one step closer to having the weapon to finally defeat Hitler.

So I ask of you, take Facebook quizzes so that I may wield Anduril, Flame of the West.

Also, it is a dang sexy blade.

5 Responses to “Godwin’s Law: Twitter Edition”

  1. Dr. Phil Says:

    I don’t believe you. I think it’s some sort of Marxist trick to bring back the homunculus of Leon Trotsky to play pinochle with the ghost of Hitler!

    Dr. Phil

  2. Eric Says:

    Really? I heard Trotsky was booked up playing Putt-Putt with Zhou-Enlai? Are you sure Hitler wasn’t going to be playing Left For Dead with Pol Pot and Stalin?

  3. WendyB_09 Says:

    I knew,/i> there was a reason I don’t tweet! Thanks Zach!

    (and you can ignore my brother & Eric)

  4. mattw Says:

    I had incentive enough not to tweet, and now even more so. Bring on the Facebook quizzes!

  5. Job Hunting Tips Says:

    That is an awesome poster! There should be more retro-style posters tweaked for modern pop culture.