Random Odd Things

I started writing a serious blog post on changes in lifestyle over the last twenty-five years – then said “meh”, hit save, and wrote about random odd things, instead.

  • How does talking about bra color raise awareness of breast cancer? Is it an attempt to outsmart cancer by figuring out which color it doesn’t like? (Thanks, Eric!)

  • How does a failed terrorist attack by a Nigerian, screened and boarding his plane in Amsterdam, demonstrate a systemic failure of the US TSA system?
  • Why are baristas in bikinis still a source of headline news and community outrage? I know, it must be the inhumane, winter cold working conditions for the exploited women.
  • How long before we won’t be able to buy groceries at all without bringing our own bags or other containers at some politically correct stores?
  • Washington state has been debating the parameters of allowing convicted felons to vote. The latest ruling supports voting from prison, based upon civil rights concerns. If I recall my long-ago civics class, didn’t a felony conviction once cost a citizen the privilege of voting?
  • Why do teen boys never manage to pack toothbrushes when they travel? And does this change with maturity?
  • Does this headline annoy the snot out of anyone else? “Day One For Obama’s Transgender Technologist” How about “Day One for Highly Qualified Test Pilot/Technologist”, instead?
  • Speaking of technology, do you care about the upcoming Mac tablet computer? Personally, I’m ambivalent – Apple does shiny well, but is about as closed source as a vendor can get.
  • Why do Joan Osborne’s blues make me happy, not sad?
  • What would it take to make Sarah Palin go away? And don’t you think we could raise the price of her silence, whatever the total?

Are there any other random things you think about in the oh-dark-thirty hours of the night? Share them, please!

5 Responses to “Random Odd Things”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Re: Joan Osborne. There had better be Pips when she’s done with that. :D

  2. Paulette Says:

    so…my random thoughts….
    Should I pick stitch that zipper in the silk halter top or attempt to machine stitch it?
    What is a better choice for that purple/green/white quilt layout – blocks on point or not?
    And, oh yes….do I have enough fabric?!


  3. Jeri Says:

    Paulette, you never can have enough fabric. Neither can I, in fact, I might need to reorganize a closet so I can accumulate some fabric again.

  4. Paulette Says:

    YAY!! I’m so PROUD of you!! I’m sure Cheri would be too!!

  5. WendyB_09 Says:

    Missed this somehow when you first posted it, so am catching up today…

    Having done a lot of work with the Komen for the Cure folks over the years, I suspect the current bra color discussions floating around are an attempt to take the taboos off talking about breasts and related diseases.

    A breast is, when all is said and done, a body part. Just one that comes with a history of social baggage attached, both good and bad. In this day and age, breasts still need serious demystification and deobjectifying.

    For example: One of our local tv stations horrified more than a few viewers during October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) by showing a doctor demonstrating how to do a full self-breast exam…on a lady who volunteered. No medically accurate dummy here. I thought it was fabulous and kudus to the station, the doc and the model for showing it. Many viewers were outraged that a real breast was shown on live tv during the evening news. There were plenty of notices all day that the station would be running this feature and many, many comments that it was coming during the newscast.

    My thought…deal with it people, this is reality. If it saves just one life, it was worth it. btw-discovered during the segment my own technique could be improved.

    And hey, if we find out what color breast cancer hates in the process, we’ll all start wearing that color bra!

    As to the fabric discussion…you can never have too much fabric. I need to finally reorganize my spare room, repurpose a bookcase to be fabric storage (although where I’ll put the books I don’t know yet), and get back to quilting & sewing.