Double First-Day Jitters

Tomorrow is the first working day of 2010, and I have double first-day jitters.

First, I’m starting swimming with the brand new Poulsbo masters’ swim team. For those of you who don’t know, masters’ swimming is adult competitive swimming. It supports multiple goals – regular swim meets, broken up by age groups; triathlons; and longer open water events. The latter is my gig.

While I’ve been swimming with many of these folks on an unstructured basis throughout the last year, this will be the first time I’ve actually done a formal workout with them under the guidance of a coach. I’m quite nervous about the whole thing, although tomorrow’s workout will be more evaluation and less exhaustion.

Second, I start a new job tomorrow. I’ve been a project manager in IT for nearly five years. We’re spinning off a subsidiary company as an external service provider, and I’m taking a role with the new subsidiary as a senior business analyst. It’s a little different than what I’ve been doing to date. While there’s about a 50% overlap, it’s more technical and detail oriented. I’m nervous about that change, too.

Maybe I could throw in a first date and first day at school tomorrow as well, just to make matters entertaining all around. :)

4 Responses to “Double First-Day Jitters”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Well if it’s stress you’re looking for, how about adding in a public speaking engagement?

    Good luck on it all. You’ll be great!

  2. Janiece Says:

    Nathan, public speaking isn’t really stressful. What?

    Jeri, I know you’ll do GREAT! (insert Tony the Tiger reference here)

  3. Vince Says:

    Jeri, you’ll do smashingly!

  4. Jeri Says:

    I actually like public speaking too. I’d rather deliver a speech than sit through one. ;)