Kitty Toy!

Our kitten is very happy with the new, giant-sized Christmas kitty toy we’ve set up in the living room for him.

Kitten Tree

Kitten Tree

Kitten Tree

Kitten Tree

He’s cutting a fine swath of psycho-kitty destruction. I’m sure life will be even more interesting once we set up our *train*. ;)

8 Responses to “Kitty Toy!”

  1. Eric Says:


    He really could be Elvis’ twin.

  2. Becca Says:

    He is the cutest kitten! And your tree, how is it holding up?

  3. WendyB_09 Says:

    Nice kitty ornament…so life-like! He is really cute up there.

    Wait ’til he eats something glittery, or even licks glitter off his paws, and decorates his litter box!!

  4. Chris Says:

    We can’t put a big tree up for this reason. Last time we had one my wife came home and found broken glass ornaments and a blood trail. No one was seriously injured but it’s not worth taking chances. Now we have a bunch of small trees around the house.

  5. Tom Says:

    Yeah, right. It looks to me like you just tied poor kitty up in the tree and took pictures to make fun of him. I’m going to call the SPCA on you… :)

  6. WendyB_09 Says:

    I’ve about decided the Pippin Ornament will be my seasonal work wallpaper. Probably the last one. It makes me giggle.

  7. Beast Mom Says:

    These pics are hilarious!

  8. Holy Says:

    Those are the most priceless pics – you have to blow them up and frame them to put up as Christmas art each year.