Burn Before Reading

nano_09_winner_100x100My NaNoWriMo magnum opus is done. Thank god. Well, the story is not done, but I’ve reached 50,892 words and I’m stopping. I call it Burn Before Reading. That’s not it’s real title – working name is Flood System, actually. It’s more a statement of its dubious quality.

First sentence:

Paul Fernandez held his breath and signed the papers, once, twice, a dozen times.

Last sentence:

Somewhere, perhaps, he heard her. She sat in silence with his body, but there was no longer anyone there.

I feel a tremendous sense of relief; this was a really tough slog this year. I’m looking forward to really relaxing, reading, playing and enjoying the holidays with friends and family.

2 Responses to “Burn Before Reading”

  1. Eric Says:


  2. Vince Says:

    Hey, you did 50,000+ words. That’s quite an accomplishment in my book. Congrats!