Fit Friday: Events on the Horizon

Last week, I mentioned that scheduling and training for adventures or athletic events motivates me. I’m not particularly fond of the adrenaline jitters that accompany competition, but I love the endorphin rush and psychological satisfaction of achieving my goal.

So what do I have on the horizon, keeping me going?

Ironman Course Swim (2.4 mi, Kailua-Kona, March 2010) I’m going to Kona for a girls’ va-ca, and plan to dive into plenty of swimming and water sports while there. One of the world’s premier open water swimmers lives and operates a training business on the big island, and she will swim the Ironman course with clients and provide coaching on technique, open water and racing.

Fat Salmon Swim (3.2 mi, Lake Washington, July 2010) This is the northwest’s premier open water distance swimming event. It’s the longest one on the schedule, sanctioned by USMS (Masters’ swimming), and has minimum entry time guidelines. Yes, I meet them, but back of the pack isn’t exactly my goal here. :)

SCCA Swim Across America (2 mi, Lake Washington, September 2010) This event, held for the first time this year, was popular with swimmers of all ability levels, from recreational to Olympian. The water gets a little cold in mid-September but that’s ok – the English Channel is even colder. ;)

Swim Around the Rock (3.25 mi, San Francisco Bay, TBD) This elite level open water swim around Alcatraz and back bills itself as a challenge for fast swimmers. It requires a very strategic race plan because of the changing tides and fast currents around the Rock. This is a goal for the future, when I have more speed and experience with ocean swimming.

Crossing for Kids (3.5 mi, Puget Sound, not scheduled) In 2005, the first and only Crossing for Kids was held, from Bainbridge Island to Alki Point, 3.5 miles across Puget Sound in 51 degree water. I would love to swim this crossing! In fact, if it doesn’t ever get rescheduled, I may recruit a couple of swimming friends and a boat escort and swim it privately, just for the thrill of achievement.

I’d also like to do a sprint triathlon next year, the entire race, not just relay style like I did this year. (I’ll walk the run). The women’s Gold Nugget Triathlon in Alaska is an option, although the swim is depressingly short, not to my advantage. There are dozens of sprint triathlons in the Puget Sound area, so I have no idea which one I’ll select. It won’t be the insanely overcrowded Danskin women’s sprint tri, with 5,000+ participants it’s such a melee it can be dangerous.

2 Responses to “Fit Friday: Events on the Horizon”

  1. Choyu Says:

    Jeri those are all great goals to have, please keep us all informed! You should absolutely do the Gold Nugget Tri as it is a very fun race, so says my wife! She says that it is very laid back and relaxed for most (except for the elites) Keep on with your awesomeness! =)

  2. Becca Says:

    You can do it! The Kona swim? You can’t ask for a more beautiful place to swim! Make sure that you go to Don The Beachcombers for a nice meal while you are there!