Counting My Blessings

Earlier this week Janiece and I had a brief twitter and IM conversation about being tired of sad and stabby writing subjects – and she decided she’d post about her blessings with one of the best blog titles of 2009: Count Your Blessings, You Stabby Bitch.

I’ve tackled this subject before from different angles:

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It might seem odd to feel like I’ve had many blessings in such a tragic year, but I have; it’s been a surprising silver lining.

I’m grateful for the blessing of:

  • the amazing resilience of the human spirit. No matter how crushing the loss, how devastating the blow, how black the pit, each one of us has the strength and the unique ability to keep going, one step at a time.

  • my physical, mental and emotional health, which is amazingly stable so soon after such a major cataclysm in my life. Thanks to those who have supported me as I’ve made taking care of myself a priority.
  • my sons – who have grown into really good, caring, bright young men who I’m proud to claim as my own and enjoy spending time with as they grow into adulthood. I genuinely like them!
  • the truly tremendous, fabulous friends and family I have in my life, from every walk, location and source. Just a few months ago, I took them for granted, but now I treasure the time, the shared adventures, the caring and the support.
  • my employer, who fully understands their current place on my priority list and supports me anyway as I rebuild my life.
  • my intense creativity, which colors my personal and professional life and always drives me to choose color and texture when simple black and white would do.
  • the abundance of America and my family’s middle class lifestyle – there is nothing we need that we cannot easily obtain in this country, from medical care to food to (lots of!) shoes to high-speed consumer broadband.
  • my husband’s continued presence in our lives, even as defined by his absence. He cared a great deal for us and prepared well for this day. I talk to him often, and while he certainly cannot answer, I do feel him there. As I look around there are many signs of him woven into our lives: books, papers, food, art, videogames.

There are many more blessings as well, I’m sure, but right now my primary focus is the people in my life. They make me beam with gratitude, sleep soundly at night, feel fulfilled and happy and grateful every morning. My thanks to all of you!

4 Responses to “Counting My Blessings”

  1. Janiece Says:

    Blessings, indeed.

  2. Becca Says:

    We are all so blessed, in big ways and small. We just have to be able and willing to look around and see them. You are a blessing to many in return. You have taught us all much as you are resetting your life. You have courage and strength and you are someone I am glad to say I have had the chance to meet.

  3. Jeri Says:

    Becca, thanks so much… it’s been a heck of a journey, and it’s barely begun.

  4. Holy Says:

    You are both blessed and bless-ed. And as Becca says, we all are, aren’t we?

    In fact, having an attitude of gratitude is what empties the door into increased creative flow and arguably, increased blessings.