Saturday Adventure: Sailing Liberty Bay

Today the family and I rented a sailboat and took an initial sailing lesson. We’ve always loved boating and being on the water but have long wanted to sail – and got the chance.

It was a lovely day on Liberty Bay and the sun on the water worked its stress relieving magic. I’ll definitely do this again.

Racing Sailboat
This was NOT the boat we rented, but was easily the loveliest boat on the water today – a racing sailboat of some sort.

Zach & Cheri
Zach and Cheri watch the windvane.

Zach the helmsman
Zach the helmsman steers the boat.

Zach sails
Zach watches from the sail deck.

Jeri on boat
Apparently I was the captain since I signed the rental contract. Who knew?

2 Responses to “Saturday Adventure: Sailing Liberty Bay”

  1. Nathan Says:

    It wasn’t the signing that bought you your captaincy — it was the MasterCard.


  2. Gene Says:

    Looks like great fun!!!