Weekend Hike: Shi Shi Beach

Happy Independence day!

To celebrate, I went hiking, independently. I drove the MINI up to Cape Flattery and walked the Shi Shi Beach trail.


It was a lovely day in the Puget Sound area, predicted to hit 80+, but on the coast it was 60 – perfect for hiking. Parts of the 4.5 mi trail were deep rainforest, parts were sunny boardwalk, and parts were misty ocean bluff – totally gorgeous.

Sunny boardwalk

Rainforest Bridge

Windblown trees

Misty Trees

Misty Bluff

The first 2 miles of the trail were easy, wide trails and gradual incline. The last ΒΌ mile, though, was the killer – about 300 vertical feet, scrambling up and down steep switchbacks, and using tangled tree roots like irregular stairsteps. The view at the bottom was worth it, though!

Steep path

The beach!

There are more pics on Flickr, which all these images link to, of the day’s scenery.

Even though Maggie the MINI is fun to drive, the drive was a bit long – three hours each way. The last 45, though, was pretty much perpetual S-curve and hairpin turns, as fun to drive in the MINI as a roller coaster ride.

I’m glad I got out and pushed myself!

7 Responses to “Weekend Hike: Shi Shi Beach”

  1. Kim Says:

    Those pictures are wonderful, and it sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day!

  2. Celeste Says:

    Wow Jeri – i need to come visit just so i can hike the trail with you. So beautiful !!!

  3. Becca Says:

    Beuatiful. I love your pictures! Sounds challenging and head clearing all at the same time. I am glad that you did it!

  4. Jeri Says:

    Thanks Becca, for the encouragement! Celeste, you’re welcome any time – both of you. Kim, glad you got Bug off ok today, enjoy the quiet!

  5. Ilya Says:

    Wow, that walks looks very tranquil and serene. I need me one of those.

  6. Mom Says:

    Beautiful pictures, Jer

  7. DC Recruiters Says:

    Some awesome pictures! I especially like the wild flowers and the crazy wooden foot bridge.

    A lot of spots around the country have trails that lead down to the ocean, but most do not have a shore line as picturesque as the one you have shown above.

    The people in your area are lucky to have hiking like that in their area.