Day in Port Townsend

Yesterday my awesome sister and I spent the day wandering the picturesque town of Port Townsend. (This town is where Officer and a Gentleman was filmed, oh so many years ago.)

Port Townsend main street
Port Townsend main street.

Wonderful old buildings.

Even more architecture.

Port Townsend from the water
Port Townsend from the water.

Tall Ship
One of Port Townsend’s many tall ships.

I’m glad I had great company for the day; it was my first Fathers’ Day with both my father and Bryan now gone, and it would have been my 12th anniversary.

For anniversaries, we used to find and buy a piece of art we both loved. Port Townsend has wonderful art galleries and antique stores, but I didn’t see anything that screamed, “Take me home with you!” (Besides jewelry, which is coals to Newcastle.) And, I guess coming home empty handed is ok, it’s the thought that matters.

6 Responses to “Day in Port Townsend”

  1. Gene Says:

    I am glad you had such a great day!! It was definately more exciting than mine. I slept, ate, slept, played on computer, slept, ate then slept again. But than again, I think I deserved it after being a sweeper for Mayors Marathon on Saturday for Team in Training! And I got fabulous new bling out of the deal!!

    Big Bear Hug!

  2. Dr. Phil Says:

    But where’s the seedy little motel from An Officer and a Gentleman? (grin)

    Dr. Phil

  3. Jeri Says:

    It’s still there, surrounded on both sides by big ol’ condo/office complexes. It’s on the main street on the way into town. That was the first R rated movie I ever saw, and boy was it an eye opener. LOL

  4. Vince Says:

    Glad you had good company for the day.

  5. Celeste Says:

    What a beautiful place to pass an afternoon :-)

  6. Beast Mom Says:

    Didn’t know that movie was filmed there. huh. Glad you and sis had a good time.

    I always enjoy the pics you post on the blog. Very nice as usual. :)