Sunday Hike: Hansville Greenway

I had never been up to the relatively close greenway trails and they were a wonderful surprise — 6-8 miles of various loops and point-to-point destinations, all shady and not too extremely hilly, with so many birds and so much wildlife it felt like I was taping a nature sounds CD. Here are some photos from the expedition:

Buck Lake
The trails take off from Buck Lake, a picturesque, peaceful small lake surrounded by iris and cat tails.

Trail through meadow
The trail meanders off through a meadow of tall grass and blackberry brambles.

Mossy Bench
It quickly winds into deep rainforest – this mossy bench was inviting.

Baby Trees
The circle of life — baby trees growing out of big ones.

Golden Raspberries
The wild raspberries glowed incandescently, in spite of the overcast day.

Wild Honeysuckle
I’m not quite sure what this wildflower is – wild honeysuckle? – but it’s striking.

Quiet Place
One of the many viewpoint benches on the trail, the “Quiet Place” is actually a memorial.

The Trail
The road goes ever on.

Jeri at Lower Hawk Pond
There is a fabulous birdwatching platform at Lower Hawk Pond, where I snapped this blurry shot of myself.

Deer on the trail
I wasn’t actually hiking alone today; these friends accompanied me the last half mile of my journey, keeping about 30-50 feet ahead the entire time.

5 Responses to “Sunday Hike: Hansville Greenway”

  1. Beast Mom Says:

    There is an almost medieval quality about your pics. The 2nd one in particular. I almost expect to see knights on horseback ride around that bend…

    I like these photos.


  2. Gene Says:

    Great photos Jeri!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. MWT Says:

    Awesome photos. More of Zach’s work? He’s awesome. :D What kind of camera is it?

  4. Jeri Says:

    Actually, they’re my photos. :) Thanks! Zach was off on his own *ten mile* venture scout hike. Kodak Z612… good little camera.

  5. Natasha David Says:

    Hello there..
    Its nice to be here.
    The first and the 3rd pictures looks very amazing.
    Its very refreshing to look at.
    Thanks for sharing these stuffs.
    I saved the first picture and
    i planned to make it as my desktop’s Wallpaper.