To the Sea II

This installment in BLITEOTW 2009 was written by zombie fan Zach!


“Hello, this is Br–”

“Honey! Where are you??”

“I’m still at work…Is everything okay? George?”

“Stay there! I’m coming to get you!”

“Honey? What is goi–”

I hung up. I had no time for screwing around. We needed to be out of town this morning. There was no time left…

A figure shone in the distance in the beam of light from the Ford GT. As I neared it I noticed that it was missing a leg. Bad news. I didn’t care to stop. I was sure it wasn’t of the living. I was wrong. Zombies feel no pain, however, when I hit this body a piercing scream rang out; like that of steel being ripped in two. It was a human, not zombie, that I had torn in half.

I didn’t have time to think; I needed to cross forty seven miles to Smith Tower in downtown Seattle, and I needed to get there yesterday.

One Response to “To the Sea II”

  1. Anne C. Says:

    Oooohh, creepy! Nice job!