Viking Fest

One of my friends asked me how Lutefisk Fest went. :)

Sons of Norway
Sons of Norway float – with Vikings! – at the opening parade.

My Sister Sadie
My four legged black sister Sadie, mom’s nearly human Aussie.

It was a really great day, sunny, 70, and Cheri and mom were excellent company.

Sadie also accompanied us – not by design – but as we started walking to the shuttle bus she jumped the fence and ran out and across a busy road after us. Scared us silly! So as her punishment she got put on leash, taken downtown, and snarfed her way through the food court.

I missed the pancake breakfast, but had a superb grilled chicken florentine crepe instead. We enjoyed the parade, the waterfront and the people watching, but missed the fireworks.

Zach and his girlfriend and buddies stayed downtown until the carnival closed at 9, and then wandered back home. I love that 1) I live in a small town where that’s the norm, and 2) I have a great kid who I trust.

Then I got to do some company cooking – yeah, cooking! – and have another great sunny day with mom again today.

I did manage to miss the all-you-can-eat lutefisk session. Doggone it! Maybe next year.

How was your weekend?

3 Responses to “Viking Fest”

  1. Vince Says:

    Ah, lutefisk. Never understood people who ate it, even though I really love to eat fish. I understand the pleasure of living in a small town and of having a great kid you trust – Ely is a great small town, and my daughter is a wonder.

    My weekend was pretty good, despite fighting with technology. Had the apartment to myself, so I decided to do a lot of cleaning, which went well. Also slept a lot both days, which felt good, although I paid for it last night when I couldn’t get to sleep until after 1 am.

  2. Nathan Says:

    Now you’re scaring me Jeri. I’d always thought that lutefisk was a bit of brain-damaged consumption limited to Vince’s neck of the woods. I’d always thought that it would disappear within the next generation or two and now you tell me it’s SPREAD?

    Really frightening.

    Oh, BTW, way to punish the pooch! :D

  3. Jeri Says:

    Vince, I’ve never honestly tried lutefisk, nor pickled herring or pike. (And I love fish too). I just find the concept hilarious.

    Nathan, it follows Norwegians around. Seattle has two big Norse fisherman neighborhoods, Ballard near downtown and little Poulsbo out where I live. And, yes, the pooch was obviously very chastened by her punishment and will never escape again. ;) I neglected to mention that the stylin’ bandana was a Viking Fest acquisition – which I, her loyal fan, obtained for her.