Dinner for One

Tonight I had dinner alone (take out chicken tikka masala and nan). Dinner companionship is something I’ve taken for granted over the years as a wife and mother, but Bryan’s gone now, the eldest was at work and youngest off on a date.

Because I’m compulsive and twisted that way, I did some math.

For the next three years I should have some combination of young adults living at home, so they’ll probably forage from my fridge about four nights of seven. I’ll likely have a dinner date with a friend a couple times a month as well. This leaves me with about 420 nights eating dinner on my own during that time period.

After than, I have, conservatively, 28 years left of eating dinner alone. With the same rate of dinner dates a couple times a month, that’s 9,548 solo dinners.

Damn, I’d either better work on my social life, or buy stock in Amy’s Organic.

(Note: black humor, not black depression, was my intention here!)

9 Responses to “Dinner for One”

  1. Vince Says:

    Black humor is sometimes the best kind of humor to deal with life and it’s “surprises.”

    If you ever decided you’d like a vacation in kinda the woods (but with all the amenities of home), head my way to Ely. I’ll make sure you eat dinner with crazy but fun and cool people nay night you want. And who knows. Maybe one day I’ll start doing some traveling again and head to your neck of the woods. Then maybe we could do dinner. From what Natalie has said, there’s some great restaurants there, an I know the company would be good. :-)

  2. Janiece Says:

    The next time I’m dining alone, I’m totally calling you so we can dine alone together.

  3. Nathan Says:

    I’ve spent enough time working on the road that I’ve come to really enjoy having a great meal at a great restaurant all by myself with just a good book for company. Take yourself out for a treat.

    P.S. I know some people have an abiding phobia about asking for “a table for one”. I totally don’t understand this, but you can break yourself in by eating at the bar a few times.


    Oh, and P.P.S. Don’t let them seat you at some teeny-tiny table. You need room for your book next to the plate. Say it loud; say it proud; “I’m dining alone and I deserve a booth, dammit!”

  4. Jeri Says:

    Vince, thanks for the invite. I’ve heard your neck of the woods is lovely, so sometime perhaps I’ll make it there.

    Janiece, you’re on. :)

    Nathan, I actually do enjoy eating by myself with a book in a restaurant – but only certain restaurants. It has to be somewhat quiet and comfortable, not super trendy, busy and noisy.

  5. mattw Says:

    I’ve got a two-year-old I don’t mind lending out from time to time. I can’t guarantee he’ll sit at the table with you the whole time, or that he’ll eat much, but he can be pretty cute.

  6. Eric Says:

    I have to be honest: quite often, I’d rather eat alone in the company of a good book and some good tunes. It’s not that I don’t like dining with friends or the social rituals that go along with dinner. But probably most nights? The worst part is a book that won’t rest flat while you’re cutting something into bites….

  7. neurondoc Says:

    I miss eating alone with a book, to be honest. I love my kid, bot sometimes at the end of the day, I am just not in the mood to have a conversation over dinner. I just want to eat and hang out with Miles Vorkosigan or Lazarus Long or Julian Kestrel or any number of other “people”.

    And I have no qualms about eating alone in a restaurant with a book. The waiters don’t bug me as much. :-)

    Next time you are eating alone, I’d be happy to “join” you… :-)

  8. Gene Says:

    The next time I venture down from the far north to Seattle I will have to call you and we can go tear up the town.

    You know dinner at 6, walk the water front home by 8! I am so wild.



  9. Tom Says:

    Until a little more than a year ago I always dined out by myself. My books and I have had many an interesting dinner together.

    I would give the hostess my name, and find some place to wait.

    “Tom, party of one?”

    “Not much of a party, huh!” And then I’d smile, because many times they would look a bit stricken, as if they were tasting foot.

    Dinner together is great, but I don’t get as much reading in as I used to…