Seattle Meet-up


I got to get together with Neurondoc in person today! She is every bit as charming, funny and wise in person as she is online.

This really poor quality pic from my Blackberry is the evidence – my apologies. I am the jolly green giant, she is the tiny one who is actually in focus.

We had a wonderful seafood dinner on the waterfront (Elliott’s Oyster House), with oysters (for me), calamari, crab and scallops. Yes, John, they were raw oysters. Then, as planned, we did the monster truck rally, ultimate fighting championship, strip clubs, and hit the Pioneer Square nightclubs until dawn. (I lie. A lot. I was home by 9:30 and that’s with a half hour wait for the ferry.)

I look forward to getting together with her again later this week!

15 Responses to “Seattle Meet-up”

  1. Nathan Says:

    And then there’s the fact that Natalie drinks like a fish. Don’t even try to keep up with her!

  2. Janiece Says:

    I am green, I tell you – GREEN. Although I got to hang out with Anne last night, so it’s not like I got the raw end of that deal…

    I’m glad you guys are hanging!

  3. kim Says:

    Seafood and UCF chicks? Sounds like my kind of Saturday night!

  4. John the Scientist Says:

    Funnily enough I generally won’t touch raw oysters. Whale yes. Oysters, no. You got me beat. (And have you seen the kind of water those things live in?) :p

    When either of you come out this way Nathan and I are going to so something special. Bwahahahhaha!

  5. Natalie Says:

    I won’t eat oysters. The damn things have the consistency of wet snot. The restaurant was great — right on the harbor (port?), where I could watch the ferry boats come in and go out. And the sunset. And the birds, and the really green scenery. The food was yummy. I ate crabs while wearing a big plastic bib, thus I came out unscathed.

    And the restaurant had Jeri. Which was the best part! John, you’re just jealous you couldn’t hang out with 2 such stupendous women.

  6. Natalie Says:

    Janiece — we talked about you, and now I have plans. PLANS, I tell you. They will take some time to come to fruition, but I am hoping I can do what I want to do… :-D

  7. Ilya Says:

    Glad to see you too hanging together and having fun.

    But ‘fess up, Jeri. Are you like some of those actors (Ah-nuld and the Famous Scientologist come to mind), who need to stand on a platform to tower over supporting cast? :D

  8. John the Scientist Says:

    Natalie- you’re right I am jealous. My time will come.

    And I have plans for Janiece, too…

  9. Random Michelle Says:


  10. Jim Wright Says:

    Awesome smiles. Man, I’m jealous! (And slightly surprised and disappointed that I didn’t have to fly down and bail either one of you out).

    And have you seen the kind of water those things live in?
    Ever see what a chicken eats?

  11. neurondoc Says:

    Jim, we just didn’t get caught. And note that we haven’t mentioned what we got up to on Tuesday night…

  12. Tom Says:

    A bi-coastal UCFer meat-up! Fabulous.

    And Jeri, one small portion of somewhat green blouse does NOT entitle you to be The Jolly Green Giant! Just sayin’…

  13. MWT Says:

    Cooked oysters aren’t like wet snot. I started out not eating oysters at all but after living on the southeastern US coast for several years I’ve succumbed. Oyster roasts FTW. :)

    As for the water they grow in: not only have I waded in it, I’ve walked through mounds of their poo, which can be several feet deep. It’s generally a baaaad idea to walk immediately downstream of big oyster beds… >.>

  14. Carol Elaine Says:

    MWT, you have just assured that I will NEVER eat oysters.

    (Not that I would anyway, to be honest, but now it’s definite.)

    Jealous here too! Harumph! Glad y’all had fun, though!

  15. mattw Says:

    I’ve never had raw oysters, and they really don’t sound appealing. And mountains of poo? gross.