Not Writing About

In my current foggy brain state, I thought I’d share with you things that are on my mind that I’m not going to write about because I can’t do them justice.

  • The easing of trade and travel restrictions with Cuba. This restriction has always seemed ludicrous to me, and I’m glad we’re opening the door.
  • The Obama’s new puppy. Breeder sourced or rescued, and will it make the breed too popular? Holy crap – in the scheme of things expected of a president, this is UTTERLY IMMATERIAL. Find some actual news to report on, people.
  • My sister’s workplace (a hospital) was evacuated today for a bomb threat to the adjacent pharmacy. Apparently a druggie couldn’t get his fix and left the bomb beside instead. The bomb squad actually detonated the not-particularly-lethal bomb. I’m very glad she and her colleagues are ok.
  • Taxes, which utterly suck.
  • Going through a lifetime’s accumulation of stuff, which also utterly sucks and I have not even begun on it.
  • Sleet (in Poulsbo) and snow (in Anchorage) in April is a really bad idea on the part of the weather gods.
  • My smug sons, one of whom is coping marvelously and the other of whom is driving me nuts. (no guesses needed)
  • The demise of WASL standardized testing and exit exams in Washington. (Yeah!) Which will probably be replaced with some other form of standardized testing. (Sigh.)
  • The incredible, enduring value of friends in my life.

Please feel free to add, subtract or elaborate on any of these subjects.

10 Responses to “Not Writing About”

  1. Vince Says:

    * The easing of Cuban trade restrictions are a positive. Now the embargo needs to be lifted – now because Castro is a nice person (neither was Baptista before him, but we liked him) but because after 50 some years it hasn’t worked, and it’s continuation won’t work.
    * Who cares.
    * Glad to hear your sister is well – stupid robber tied together flares to make it look like a bomb, but still.
    * Amen sister.
    * This isn’t easy (at least for me) and I have ideal circumstances, which you don’t. Find a trusted friend to help and who can deal with your emotions as you do what you need to so. It will suck for them (I’ve been the friend) but will make it easier for you.
    * Sleet sucks, period, in my opinion.
    * Remember that insanity is inherited – you get it from your children.
    * Article says it will be replaced by the revised version.
    * Yay friends! They are the glue that holds all our lives together.

  2. Vince Says:

    Misspellings – not Castro is a nice person; what you need to do. No caffeine yet this morning. Ugh.

  3. Barb Says:

    Vince’s bullets 5 and 9 say it all. Like in all deep, loving relationships, friends stick through thick and thin, easy and difficult times, and would have it no other way. You hang in there, Girl! Talk to you later.

  4. Eric Says:

    Ack! Fret not! The fog will clear with time, meanwhile do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself.

    ● What Vince said.

    ● But it’s such a cute widdle puppy! Who’s a good doggie? The First Doggie is a good doggie! Yes he is! Yes he is!


    ● Glad your sister’s okay.

    ● I don’t enjoy them either, but I kind of think of them as being like the dues you have to pay to be in the awesomest club in the world. I mean, okay, sometimes this club disappoints me, and there are some other cool clubs that offer health discounts and stuff–but we’ve got easy membership requirements, the club board of directors and management usually don’t get in your face too much, we’ve got some pretty kickass bouncers working the doors, and the club facilities are pretty nice. So, y’know, while nobody likes paying annual membership fees, I mostly can take it in stride.

    ● I don’t have any good advice, only good thoughts and best wishes for you.

    ● Sleet sucks. Snow, I like–but then we rarely see it here.

    ● What Vince said again.

    ● Standardized testing… bleah.

    ● You’re talking about me, right? You left out good-looking, charming and rapier-witted. I mean if you’re talking about me. Which you were. Right? Talking about me, I mean? :-)

  5. Beast Mom Says:

    I think the Bidens’ new dog story is waaaaay more interesting!

    Heh. Sorry. I just had to say that for my own amusement.


  6. Jim Wright Says:

    But it’s such a cute widdle puppy! Who’s a good doggie? The First Doggie is a good doggie! Yes he is! Yes he is!

    I swear to God, Eric, I hate people who speak baby talk to pets – or babies for that matter. Like fingernails on a chalkboard to me, it is. I can have no further contact with you, unless it’s pistols at dawn. ;)

    Also, what Vince said.

  7. Janiece Says:

    Jim, don’t be shooting my back-up boyfriend Eric. I may need him some day, and it would really suck if he was dead.

  8. Eric Says:

    Well, Jim, normally my cat and I engage in discourses centered around his sophomoric obsession with Objectivism (he is as self-centered as all cats and has a brain the size of a walnut, after all).

    And then I ask him, “who’s a pretty cat?” and reassure him that he is, indeed, a very pretty cat. ;-)

  9. Jeri Says:

    Oh lord – you all totally cracked me up through out the day. Thank you.

    I’m trying to think whether I baby talk my doggies and therefore must also die at dawn. I hope not. I think my tone changes ridiculously but that the words remain mostly normal English.

    Murphy is way too idiotic to discuss objectivism with – but he can count to bacon.

  10. Becca Says:

    Honestly with everything going on in the world today, who really cares about an over priced dog? $2000 for a hyper, high maintenance dog? I think that the rescue of the captain of the freighter delivering humanitarian goods was far more important.

    And what is up with this weather? Really, are the weather gods made at us? Come on we are half way through the month of April, give us Spring!

    I am so glad that you are posting.