Freshly Washed Puppies

Our dogsitting service took the puppies for a spa day, with baths, nail trims, vigorous brushings and cute little bows all around. Yeah for super soft fluffy puppies!

Panda with bow
Panda in watchdog position, on the back of my loveseat.
Freshly washed Murphy
Murphy sitting at the foot of Bryan’s recliner.

7 Responses to “Freshly Washed Puppies”

  1. Beast Mom Says:

    Love the doggy pics. So will you go for a special spa treatment too? :)


  2. Vince Says:

    That’s a great dogsitting service that will do that, and the doggies are so cute.

  3. Jeri Says:

    BM, that’s a fabulous idea. Once I get over this stupid cold/flu thing I probably will – massage, foot treatment and pedicure would be lovely. A place w/ an oversized tub soak or hot tub would be a plus.

    Vince, they are a good service, and were able to make it happen – I was very grateful when I came home and saw how soft and fluffy they were.

  4. Kim Says:

    Yay for fluffy puppies! (and i love the bows)

  5. Holy Says:

    I just want to reach out and pet Panda – looks SO soft. We need to find a guinea pig spa service that does the same.

  6. Mary Rotert Says:

    Hugs to the doglets. They are certainly glamour pups now. They all do look so fetching (NPI) when they return from the doggie beauty shop. Can only pine for that success for ourselves (somehow that never quite happens) but the experience is the main thing, not the outcome! I recommend regular toesie-cure type rituals–perhaps attention to body comforts will improve brain fog feeling. M

  7. Gene Says:

    They are adorable!!! I love animals!!!