Economic Insight

There is an excellent article on the origins of our current economic crisis on the Foundation for Teaching Economics website, written by Colorado economics professor Dr. Dale DeBoer.

Economic Insights: The Genesis of a Crisis
It would be nice if the cause of the credit crisis could easily be pinned on poor government regulation, greedy lenders, or careless borrowers. Unfortunately, no one actor is to blame and the causes of the crisis extend back in time. This makes developing an understanding of the crisis a bit of a history lesson.

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It’s long but well worth the read — detailed, even-handed and extremely educational. H/T to Slatrat (Stephanie) for the article.

2 Responses to “Economic Insight”

  1. Bill Says:

    For those of us that like cartoon to explain this kind of thing, I found this to be an excellent site to detail the credit crunch.

  2. slatra Says:

    Oooh – My Mom will be very pleased by your post. She was the one who sent me the article. It’s a good one. I finally understand the whole gold standard issues.