25 Random Things

There is a note going around Facebook which asks folks to identify 25 random things about themselves. I’m swiping it for my blog, since I need post material. Feel free to use it yourself, if you choose.

1. I was born in Rangoon, Burma, which is now Yangon, Myanmar, but only lived there for two years.
2. I won the junior high school spelling bee in 6th, 7th and 8th grades.
3. My dad taught me to flyfish when I was twelve, and I still love it.
4. I earned the exalted rank of Girl Scout First Class, and my award was signed by former President Jimmy Carter.
5. In high school I was an editor on the school paper and a flag-twirler in the color-guard.
6. I graduated from high school at 16 and started college at 17, which required that my parents sign permission and medical care releases with my dorm and the student health clinic.
7. I was baptized in my college swimming pool. This was anticlimactic since I spent 4 hours a day in that same water on the college swim team, and worked there as a lifeguard.
8. I was in Army ROTC in college, and wanted nothing more than to follow in my dad *and* mom’s footsteps and become a military officer, but at 19% body fat (athletic range) I was 15 pounds over the Army’s acceptable weight.
9. I ski-bummed for a quarter in college in Big Sky, Montana, until I blew out my knee.
10. My college major was in technical writing, but after working in the field for two years I realized I detested doing it for a living.
11. I lived in the UK – RAF Mildenhall – for two years, teaching at the Department of Defense junior high while my ex-husband was stationed there.
12. I taught business school for four years for a for-profit vocational college that eventually went under. My children will never attend a for-profit college.
13. Both of my children arrived weeks later than their anticipated delivery date. Things have not changed.
14. I met my husband on the Internet; I was a science fiction chat host. He was a Star Trek fan but I overlooked that and got to know him anyway.
15. I snow-machined up the Yukon river in -35° weather at sunrise. It was a business trip.
16. I drive a $%&#@%! minivan, which I swore I never would and don’t like much – but it has room in the back for two 6’3″ teen boys.
17. I don’t drink, dance or gamble, but it’s hardly for religious reasons. (Migraines, lack of coordination, and just not fun for me)
18. I am a compulsive and rapid reader, at about 100 paperback pph. My preference is science fiction, but will read fantasy, mystery, literature, biography, non-fiction, etc.
19. I love to metalsmith, work with beads & wire and make jewelry & metal art. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry though, I just enjoy the creative process and the end result.
20. I have a mild and much improved phobia of worms, which means I garden with gloves on.
21. I am a pimp, certified and everything. (A PMP is a certified project management professional but they nickname us “pimps”.)
22. I dislike watching television and especially detest having it constantly on in the background. It’s a distraction I can’t filter out. I pick an occasional (geeky) show and watch tape-delayed so I can fast-forward through the ads.
23. While I am technically savvy and reasonably knowledgeable, troubleshooting makes me crazy and cranky; it’s a very good thing I did not choose that career path.
24. Someday after I finish paying for the teen boy squad’s college I’m going to go back to school and earn an MFA in metal arts.
25. I’m a member of a super-secret organization called the UCF. We’re dedicated to international espionage, debunking bad science, creative writing and comment-hijacking.

One Response to “25 Random Things”

  1. Jim Wright Says:

    Scoleciphobia = fear of worms.

    one of the things about me, I like weird words.