I’ll Show You Mine

The news has been so grim lately, I think it’s time for an amusing diversion. What could be more entertaining than embarrassing teen & childhood pictures? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. :)

Jeri Cowboy
My 4th birthday with a new cowgirl outfit. Many cowgirls wear red keds.

Jeri w/ Socks
Camping over spring break, ca 1975. We grew up in the desert, this is where we camped – at least the fishing was excellent. Loved the socks.

Jeri Swim
I spent the better part of a decade in the pool, although I was not particularly good at it. This was about 1979, Pasco pool.

Jeri James Homecoming
1980 homecoming; my date was a close friend. Youth is wasted on the young.

Your mission is to unearth two or three pictures of yourself from your child or teen years, scan or digitally image them and post them. Extra points are awarded for humorous or embarrassing images!

I dare you!

9 Responses to “I’ll Show You Mine”

  1. Ilya Says:

    Such nice pictures, Jeri!

    My childhood archive is owned by my Mom in America. I promise one day to get my hands on it and meet your dare. I may have some late-teen pictures myself, I’ll go and look, but no promises.

  2. kim Says:

    This is a wonderful idea….and it gives me a post for today…..(Kim runs off to sort through old photos)

  3. Beast Mom Says:

    Love the pics! Thanks for sharing. :)


  4. Michelle K Says:

    I thought red keds were de rigeur for cowgirls.

    Also: CUTE!

    I wonder if I have any other small kid pics other than the ones posted on my site….

  5. Pics from the Past | Random (but not really) Says:

    [...] So Jeri asked everyone to post pictures of their childhood and teenage years. [...]

  6. kim Says:

    After fighting with typepad, my pictures are finally up…but now I am on a mission to get more pics from my parental units. I have very few of when I was small.

  7. Jim Wright Says:

    Ugh! Homecoming photos from the 70/80′s. You looked great, but the Tux on your date? Gah! I think my tux was identical – except that is was powder blue.


    And the puffy ruffle shirt.

    Homecoming Rental Tux = Instant Dork = Birth Control Device.

    Well, let me look through my pictures and see if I can fulfill the meme

  8. Mark Says:

    Awesome idea! I’ve got a couple up on my Flickr account. I think they are publicly available.

    Me as a teenager in 1975 using pre-photoshop special-effects! http://www.flickr.com/photos/markbutler/3252879137/

    My dad in 1929, his most photogenic shot (grin) http://www.flickr.com/photos/markbutler/3252879245/in/photostream/

    1970, I’m the wimpy guy in he center..sigh http://www.flickr.com/photos/markbutler/3253705224/in/photostream/

    And finally, my “ahhhh” picture, me and Grandma in 1963. http://www.flickr.com/photos/markbutler/3253705764/in/photostream/

    Hopefully others will post their pics as well!

  9. Jeri Says:

    Jim, your pics were excellent as well. Yeah, the ruffled tux was hilarious. My son’s tux (he owns one as a classical vocal performer) has a mandarin collar shirt – plain front and no tie at all.

    Mark – welcome, those are great! And you’re right about the “Ahhh” picture. :)