Very Sad News

This morning’s local news contained more of the same awful stuff: 10,000 layoffs at Boeing, 6,700 at Starbucks. This is in addition to last week’s 5,000 Microsoft employees and 5,000 Microsoft contractors, and this Tuesday’s grim national news of 40,000 jobs lost across the country.

In desperately sad news, remniscent of the original Black Monday of 1929, a once-eager Microsoft employee has plunged to his death in Bellevue; his death was ruled a suicide.

A new Microsoft Corp. employee, whose lifelong goal had been to work at the company, died after falling from the 28th floor of the Lincoln Square office complex in Bellevue, where the company’s sales force leases space.

A Bellevue Police Department spokesman, said the man landed on the roof near the complex’s movie theater Sunday night.

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the death a suicide.

My heart goes out to the victim’s family, friends and colleagues.

Our workforce, our economy, our country desperately needs hope. Even the most miraculous leader could not fix this disastrous mess quickly; we all need to hang on through the rocky times that will most certainly lie ahead.

I have faith; together, with hard work and persistence, we will turn it around.

Still, sleep won’t come easily tonight.

10 Responses to “Very Sad News”

  1. Tania Says:

    Oh no. That’s awful. I have lots of friends that are Microserfs and contractors for M$. This is just awful awful awful.

  2. mattw Says:

    That’s terrible.

  3. Janiece Says:

    I’m trying to remain hopeful by trying to determine what I want to do in response to the President’s call to service.

    It doesn’t fix everything, but it helps.

  4. Vince Says:

    Sadly, I suspect this will not be the last of these stories.

  5. Anne C. Says:

    I’m sure you heard about the fellow who killed himself and his family after being fired.

  6. Jeri Says:

    Anne – I did see that story, which was awful. As Vince said, I don’t think this will be the last of them, and it’s sad – there is emergency assistance out there.

  7. MWT Says:



  8. Holy Says:

    I cornered a Seattle Times columnist (who shall remain nameless) last night at a school concert and said you know, can you tell the powers that be to lay off the depressing headlines – no wonder people are tuning out and away from mainstream media – they could be a tad more creative and use their communication power more altruistically in these depressing times…they serve only to fuel the anxiety…hence you have people jumping off of buildings. He mumbled something about, well that’s what the news is…and I thought no, that’s not what the real news is….

    And in the case of Boeing, if you read the fine-print – the 10,000 layoff isn’t even a local layoff – we’re talking about an incremental 500 beyond the original 4,500 but you really have to look to read that…it pisses me off.

    I know a couple that were laid off and of course, we have face a similar possible plight next month but thank freakin’ God all my extreme anti-Bush blogging didn’t factor into our green card application because it finally came through – got word yesterday. So that’s a huge sigh of relief for us – it means not having to potentially up and move within a few weeks – and being able to jump ship to another employer if needed instead of playing the temp visa game.

  9. Jeri Says:

    Holy, I’m very glad you have green card in hand and I hope next month’s news is good news for you. My BIL went to work for Boeing last week – on the operations side, not the manufacturing side – so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for him as well.

  10. kim Says:

    How sad.
    I do agree that sadly we are more than likely going to see more stories like this. My heart goes out to his family and friends.