Jewelry Projects

These are actually from the class I took a couple weeks ago – I completed some finish work on them this weekend. I didn’t think I’d like working in enamel – I don’t care much for opaque enamel. I did really think the transparent stuff was cool, it gave a very multi-dimensional, raku-like effect to the finished pieces.

Green Enamel Earrings
Etched 1.25″ long copper triangles, bottle green transparent enamel over flux, sterling silver ear wires with antique patina.

Orange Enamel Earrings
Hammered, domed 1″ copper discs, sunset orange transparent enamel over flux, gold-filled ear wires with antique patina.

Sandblasted Silver Ring
Wide sterling silver ring, comfort cut, sandblasted finish – made for Bryan.

The projects I’m working on now are not yet ready for prime time; I’m having soldering challenges trying to work in mixed metal. Steps in the learning process…

13 Responses to “Jewelry Projects”

  1. kim Says:

    Those are gorgeous…great job on those Jeri..the red earrings in the middle are exceptional!

  2. Anne C. Says:

    Wow! Jeri, you are an artiste!

  3. Natalie Says:


  4. Janiece Says:

    You really are ready for that MA class!

  5. Jeri Says:

    Thanks, all. The orange-red ones are my favorite too.

  6. Tania Says:

    Shiny. Pretty. AWESOME!

    Thanks so much for sharing. Now I want to see more. Get out to workshop and get going. ::cracks whip::

  7. Ilya Says:

    They look fantastic, Jeri!

    [says the only man secure enough in his manliness to comment on a jewelry-related post]

  8. Shawn Powers Says:

    Nah, it requires fire and hammers — my manliness can handle it. ;)

    They look great. The ring, of course, is my favorite. Earrings creep my out. (Yes, the women in my life use that to their advantage, and fiddle with their earrings, making dad/hubby get the heebee-jeebees.)

  9. mattw Says:

    Ohhh – ahhhh

  10. Beast Mom Says:

    Very nice!

    Did you shoot the pics? I like the photography too.


  11. Michelle K Says:

    Very pretty!

  12. Vince Says:

    Will you be making any of this for sale?

  13. Jeri Says:

    Tania, I do need lots more practice for a higher success rate. Especially at the soldering bench. Sigh.

    Shawn, Ilya – the fire and hammers are fun – and make it stress reducing too. :)

    Beast Mom, yep, the pictures are mine too. I took several of each, I wanted the best balance of focus and light on the pattern. I have a piece of ivory microsuede that I use just for jewelry pics.

    Vince, I suck at personally executing logistics. Utterly. Sad, b/c as a PM I’m great at bringing large teams together on logistics. I also like experimenting and making one-of-a-kind stuff but get easily bored with production work, I put together a business case for jewelry making and it was not a pretty picture.

    So, bottom line, if you see something I’ve made that I haven’t said “I made this for so-and-so” you can sure ask me if I’d like to sell it. I’m not a huge jewelry wearer – shoot, I work at home 95% of the time – so my production exceeds my personal capacity for wear!