Random Thoughts v. XIV

I am drawing an absolute blank on blog topics tonight, so, inspired by Beast Mom, I’m going to list random not-quite-blogworthy thoughts:

  • Is anyone else completely surprised that Bush didn’t pardon Uncle Ted in his final days in office?
  • If I were Michelle Obama, I’d wear jeans and sweatshirts as a protest until the media gets off the ridiculous (and traditional) fashion coverage kick and starts focusing on what’s really important.
  • Why did the powers-that-be choose Microsoft Silverlight for streaming the inauguration festivities – which is inaccessible to the 15+% (and growing) of users that are on the Mac platform?
  • I should probably write something profound and reflective about the the inauguration, the new era, but I’m just not feeling very profound lately.
  • Since Facebook’s most recent upgrade, I’ve been unable to get the Wordbook plugin, which sends my blog posts to my Facebook news updates, working. I deleted and reinstalled – and now it won’t even activate on my blog. Argh.
  • I really need to upgrade my MBP to OSX 10.5, and clean up my hard drive. Again.
  • I spent MLK day – I took a floating holiday – puttering about my newly cleaned up workshop finishing up several metalsmithing projects and starting a new one.
  • Why do they set the demo ladies at Costco up on the most crowded days so that they block the aisles? This does not make sense. And why are there no demo men?
  • My doggie is much improved after her visit to the vet – the antibiotics and pain pill helped a lot.
  • My nephew just had his pet hamster die, which is very sad. Still, I don’t understand wanting to keep a rodent as a pet. The work-vs-reward equation doesn’t make sense to me. My condolences, though, to him.
  • We just saw the movie Defiance which was quite good – I recommend it, and not just because it stars Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber.
  • My ideal movie cast would be Clive Owen, Daniel Craig and Liam Neeson. It would probably not be a period piece or a chick flick. ;)
  • We had roast pork loin for dinner. (yum) Why do the folks that make roasting racks make then enamel-over-steel, which always peels and gets gross, rather than stainless steel?
  • Chocolate chocolate chip ice cream sounds really good right now. It’s a good thing I have none.

6 Responses to “Random Thoughts v. XIV”

  1. Tania Says:

    1) I’m not completely surprised. I figured it was 40% possible.

    2) Amen! And t-shirts from ThinkGeek.

    3) Because they’re morons. We’re having problems with Silverlight at work, but that’s because of our dumbass network.

    4) Other people will say it better than I about the inaugural festivities.

    5) All Facebook upgrades seem to be unfortunate.

    6) I need to set up another computer with OpenBSD on it.

    7) Cool! I hope to hear more about what you did. I love the earrings you made, which I know are beadwork. But your artistic eye is one I admire.

    8) Poor planning for the demo ladies. We have 1 demo guy here in Fbx. I always chat with him.

    9) Yay! I’ve been wondering what’s up with the pup.

    10) A pet is a pet and someone you love. but I don’t get the love of/for hamsters/guinea pigs/chinchillas. I like more interaction.

    11) I haven’t been to a film in forever.

    12) Nice casting. Rawwwr. An action film with lots of skin?

    13) YES! I was just complaining about that back in November. Stupid roasting rack people.

    14) Thanks to you I’m eating Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream. Here’s hoping I don’t get salmonella!

  2. Vince Says:

    I mdidn’t blog about the inauguration toady as I figured pleanty of others would.

    I won’t install Silverlight – I have enough different media things on my computer. If it doesn’t run in Flas, forget it. I also ignore things that require Realplayer (it’s a pain in the ass and it takes them forever to correct known security problems) or Quictime (I’m tired of telling the update I don’t want iTunes or Safari. Even when you tell them not to ask, eventually they ask again an d check them by default.

    I think jeans and sweatshirts should replace most dress-up clothing for both sexes. One of the things I like about working for myself is my dress code. Yes, I have one. It’s “must be clean, in good repair, comfortable, and for winter, keep me warm. Ties are forbidden. Mukluks are mandatory in winter.” Obviously I, personally, could care less about what Michelle Obaama wears.

    Glad your doggie is doing better.

    Hamsters/gerbils can be fun pets, you can leave them for a few days without a sitter, cleaning up after them is no worse than doing so for a cat, they take up less space than most other animals. However, if a young child wakes you up in the morning with one in thei hand and says “Look, mommy, gerbil!” then drops it on you, it’s very funny (that would be my ex this happened to, which was why it was so funny to me) but not fun to find the thing when it dashes away.

    Bush has commuted and pardoned far fewer people than any recent president. And didn’t do so for a lot of people that others thought he would or should. I’m not sure this surprises me, as he wasn’t into pardoning all that much as Governor of Texas. Remember the case of the woman who murdered two people then became a Christian in jail and married a preacher (Karla Faye Tucker)? She was on death row, and everybody who was anybody in the evangelical community (like Pat Robertson) pressured Bush to commute her sentence to life in prison. He didn’t.

    If you’re gonna have chocolate and ice cream, then have chocolate ice cream. Which sounds good. And I don’t have any. Which is good as well, but now I’m thinking about it. Grrr.

  3. Bill Says:

    SilverLight works on the Mac! I was forced to install it to watch baseball games using my MLB subscription. I haven’t seen any problems so far. As a matter of fact, SilverLight on the Mac seems to be faster than on XP.

    Roasting racks should be cast iron, that way you’d get a nice crust on the bottom of the meat too. Cooking meat is all about the crust!

  4. Bryan Says:

    Clive, Liam and Daniel would simply glare at each other for 2 hours, with increasing tighter shots on their faces, then the camera would pull out to frame Liam alone, who’d say “And don’t ever take a phone call from George Lucas, boy-o-s. You’ll regret it in the end.”

  5. Jeri Says:

    Tania, I hope you don’t get salmonella, too! And I’ll post pics of some projects soon. After I finish a couple more.

    Vince, I didn’t think about the Texas governor bit in re: pardons. Makes sense.

    Bill – I was going by memory, and it didn’t work at the Olympics. Good to know now – I worked at home and watched on the large screen though.

    Bryan – glaring isn’t enough. There needs to be action – gunfights, chase scenes, and shirtlessness involved. LOL on the Qui Gon ref, though.

  6. Beast Mom Says:

    “And why are there no demo men?”


    I have the answer, but I’m not going to tell you.

    Ok I don’t. I just wanted to write that.

    :) bm