Photo Archive: Vietnam

One of my projects this holiday has been going through family photo archives with my mom and sister. My son Zach and I are digitizing them for distribution and archiving purposes.

One of the most intriguing sets of photos was a slide carousel taken by my dad, Gerald Sisco, when he was stationed in Vietnam in 1969 as an army signal corps officer. I know he was stationed at Cam Ranh Bay; I also know he spent time at one or more forward locations. Beyond that, I don’t know much about these images that are a part of my family (and military) history.

Click on the image below to go to the complete Flickr photoset – the image quality is a little uneven as some of the slides were faded, color-distorted and scratched.

Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam

I find it intriguing that these aerial images could potentially be the type of materials that the military would not want made available to opposing forces. In 1969, there was no Internet and with reasonable precautions these photos would not fall into the wrong hands. Today, such amateur photography is the type of data that triggered the 2005 DOD crackdown on military blogging & online social networking.

3 Responses to “Photo Archive: Vietnam”

  1. Nathan Says:

    That’s a very cool photo set.

  2. Beast Mom Says:

    It’s cool that you’re going through old pics like this. It’s a lot of work, but it will be worth it to get it all organized. Future generations in particular will be grateful for your efforts to keep the family history accessible.


  3. Ilya Says:

    Awesome photos, Jeri.