Poulsbo Photos

Last weekend, I took some photos while wandering around downtown Poulsbo. It’s a super-cute, Norwegian-themed small town, but it’s hard to capture by camera because it’s so flat and spread out – and so busy!

Waterfront Trail
Waterfront trail west of the park.

Sluys' Bakery
Regionally famous Sluys’ Bakery has been dishing up Danish pastry for over 40 years.

Senior Center
If I were retired I’d want to hang out here!

Liberty Bay Bookstore
Yeah for independent booksellers!

Kvellstad Pavilion
This is the same pavilion as in the sunset picture a couple days ago – and the site of many summer concerts and gatherings.

5 Responses to “Poulsbo Photos”

  1. Michelle K Says:

    1) Those buildings are entirely too cute.

    2) Do I detect a lack of parking meters?!

  2. Jeri Says:

    Yep, the whole Norwegian theme is very well done – cute without being cloying. We even have a Viking Fest in May. ;)

    And no parking meters. Parking is hard to find on summer weekends, we have lots of antique shops and art galleries so it’s a popular day trip destination from Seattle.

  3. Ilya Says:

    Great pictures, Jeri! As I frequently admit, pictures like these feed my wanderlust. Thanks!

  4. mattw Says:

    Nice pictures. It looks like a nice place to spend a day wandering around.

  5. Jim Wright Says:

    I’ve had raspberry pastry in Slauy’s, and fish ‘n chips at the stand just to the left out of frame. Poulsbo is a great little town. Fun to walk around. I was in that area two years ago, giving a series of lectures and swung through Poulsbo one weekend on my way back from a couple of woodturning shops.

    Cool pictures, Jeri. And the weather looks much better there than here.