Keeping me Sane

Keeping me sane is a full time job, as my husband and family can attest.

My job is challenging and deadline-intensive, I travel far too much and sleep too little. Even when I do things for fun – write, metalwork, paint, cook, redecorate – I do them full tilt, with no half measures, and turn them into a goal oriented, stressful endeavor. Add to that a tendency toward depression, crankiness, perfectionism and slightly OCD behavior, and those near and dear to me have their work cut out for them.

Still, I couldn’t make it without my family and friends. This week – and this Manic Monday – are a good time to say thank you to the folks above, and more. Without them, I might well be locked in a small white room drooling upon my simple craft projects.

(Although strangely enough, aside from the whole overmedicated, institutionalized part of the deal, that sounds rather appealing right now.)

To all those who help me – daily, weekly, whenever I need a hand or a shoulder – thanks. And if I inadvertently left your name out of the word art, my apologies, it was not intentional.

6 Responses to “Keeping me Sane”

  1. Janiece Says:

    That is so cool. And you’re welcome.

  2. Mom Says:

    Jer, what a neat diagram, thanks!Couldn’t help but notice Murphy, the only one of us who doesn’t offer advice, criticism, “guidance”, redirection, words…….only unconditional love. Mom (P.S. you’re worth it.)

  3. Holy Says:

    How does Bryan like his name in lights?

    And “simple craft projects” – ummm, can I just say, for the record, that the thought of you indulging in mere simple craft projects doesn’t quite fit. Significant maybe but simple, no. I’m just saying, is all. :)

  4. Bryan Says:

    Bryan who? ;-)

  5. Michelle K Says:

    You’re welcome–but really, we all do it for each other. :)

  6. Jeri Says:

    Janiece and Michelle – you all rock. I’m glad I’ve met you.

    Mom – Panda the Bear is on there too. Although as an alpha doggie she’s a little more work. ;) And thank you!

    Holy, yeah, I don’t often stick to popsicle sticks and Elmer’s glue – more often than not there are design drawings, multiple media and some cost involved. How did you know? Maybe because yours can be that way too?

    Bryan, my in-house counsel and Star Trek expert. Have you met him?