Simple Pleasures

This has been my weekend to make apple and pear butter – and the scent of simmering apples and spices is one of my favorite things. I thought I’d list a few others:

  1. Curling up with a pot of tea and a good book on a rainy afternoon
  2. An evening spent laughing with friends
  3. Planting flowers in the garden on a sunny spring weekend
  4. Walking on the beach with my husband and dogs
  5. Taking a nap on a weekend afternoon
  6. Checking on my children at night, while peace and sleep take a decade off their age
  7. The woodshop scent of sawdust and freshly worked wood
  8. Ripe, freshly picked, tomatoes, sliced with a sprinkle of salt
  9. Hiking in the woods, among the ferns and big trees, where the air is cool, green and earthy
  10. A warm puppy curled up in my lap, relaxed and adoring
  11. Sitting beside a campfire in the dark, watching the sparks fly up into the stars
  12. Turning up a favorite album and letting the music and lyrics wash over me
  13. Playing outside in the first snowfall of the year
  14. The Saturday morning smell of coffee, bacon and pancakes drifting through the house
  15. A summer afternoon drive in Maggie the MINI with the top down (hardly a simple pleasure – but it’s a fabulous de-stressor)

What are your simple pleasures?

7 Responses to “Simple Pleasures”

  1. MWT Says:

    Driving to and from work. It’s a very scenic salt marsh, both during the day under the sun and at night under the moon.

    Sleeping for as long as I want. I love days where nothing on my list is scheduled, and I don’t have to keep waking up every hour to check the clock (whether the alarm is set or not).

    Watering my plants. Even if they never do give me anything in return.

    Back when I had fish, keeping the tank clean and watching them grow.

    Hmmmm. Really, my whole life is a simple pleasure.

  2. Vince Says:

    1. Listening to music through the headphones with the volume up and eyes closed.
    2. Late night/early morning when no one is awake and the phone won’t ring and there is beautiful, quiet darkness and I don’t have to get up early or go anywhere the next day- ie, some Friday and Saturday nights after midnight or so.
    3. Rereading books that are old friends.
    4. Uninterrupted naps.

    ::singing “These are a few of my favorite things::

  3. Bill Says:

    A nap on the boat while waiting for the fish to wake up from their nap.

  4. kim Says:

    1. Low light room with lots of jazz blaring from the speakers.

    2. The smell of my kitchen after a weekend of baking. (all healthy of course)

    3. The twenty minutes or so in the am, when it is just my husband and I drinking coffee. The rest of the house is still asleep.

    4. Reading my A.A. Milne books from when I was a child..and watching my children read them too.

  5. Shawn Powers Says:

    1. The smell of old books.

    2. Warm, fuzzy slippers.

    3. Wearing mismatched socks.

    4. Drinking coffee someone else made for me. Especially when it’s my kids. :)

    5. Making people laugh and/or smile.

    6. Reading a book. (It kills me that I haven’t had time recently)

  6. Ilya Says:

    Walking a centuries-old cobblestone street in some place I’ve never been to before (ok, getting there may not be simple).

    Conversations with friends.

    Strumming a guitar.

    Hearing my kids say, “Daddy, you’re so silly!”

    and almost everything above that does not include a pet.

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