Visiting Stonekettle Station

This afternoon I had the opportunity to go catch up with Jim (the asshole) and Shawn (Beastly) at Stonekettle Station. I had a blast – I could have listened to the two of them tell stories all evening.

After my visit, I wanted dispel the rumor that Jim and Shawn are partners. You know, partners. Because even though they have lived together in the past, get up and spend every day, all day, together, work together constantly on projects, sell their wares together at the artsy-fartsy Wasilla Farmer’s Market, and even dress alike every day, I wanted to put this disclaimer out there on the Internet: they are not partners And the picture above should help prove that.

Does that help at all, guys?

Also, you should buy their hand-turned bowls as Christmas gifts, because they both do really spectacular work.

14 Responses to “Visiting Stonekettle Station”

  1. "Random" Michelle Says:

    I thought Jim was a Mormon, anyway.

  2. John the Scientist Says:

    Sorry, that was me.

  3. Random Michelle K Says:

    That is an awesome picture.

    Also, I was wondering what I’d done to irk John THIS time! ;)

  4. Janiece Says:

    I’m so jealous. I want to visit Stonekettle Station.

    ::stomps off to pout::

  5. Vince Says:

    You mean, they’re not partners partners? Funny, I thought the picture proved just the opposite. I mean, isn’t that how manly men partners act when they’re pissed at each other?

  6. Jeri Says:

    Janiece, you could always volunteer to be assigned to a project for my employer-who-shall-not-be-named. Then you’d have multiple viral projects – and an excuse to travel up to AK. :)

    John, too funny.

    Michelle, I wasn’t actually planning this post when we took the picture – it just came to me on the way home. It is a fun pic though!

    Vince, I’m not sure if partners use power tools to work out their differences, but I could be wrong. ;)

  7. Jim Wright Says:

    I knew telling Jeri about the whole partners bit would come back to haunt me :)


    See it’s like this:

    Shawn and I have known each other for a long time. We met in Navy technical school 25 years ago. You know how it is, far from home, lonely, too much beer …er, uh, I mean, we became instant friends and have remained so ever since. We were roommates in Spain two decades ago. There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for the guy, and he once flew all the way from Japan, two weeks of hitching rides on military transports, to be at my wedding in Florida. I returned the favor years later and was the quest speaker at his retirement.

    We work together in the shop and ended up being business partners after we got out of the Navy. So when we’re talking to customers I occasionally mention that we’ve been partners for many years. Then…inevitably…we get that look, and upon occasion a comment such as “Well, you guys make such a nice couple…” This kills me, absolutely kills me. I usually can’t stop laughing. And I rarely make any effort whatsoever to correct the commenter, just because I find it so dammed funny.

    Shawn on the other hand is not amused. At all.

    And it was great to have Jeri stop by. She also has some pretty funny stories and she’s welcome anytime. Next time, though, I’m going to fix her dinner – and I would have yesterday, if I had been thinking about it.

  8. Jim Wright Says:

    One more thing.

    Examining the photo, I want to direct your attention to Shawn’s freakishly large paws. Like catcher’s mitts they are. We had to have special work gloves made for him, by a local tent manufacturer….

  9. mattw Says:

    Chainsaw vs. Giant-Fisted Chisel. Who will be the victor?

  10. Jim Wright Says:

    Well, I’m a little quicker reflex wise, and I’ve had tactical combat training – but you don’t have to start a chisel first, so I’m guessing Shawn will be the victor. Plus if I actually did manage to maim him, I’d get no end of grief from my wife. If he maims me, well my wife will tell me that I should have behaved myself and it’s all my own dammed fault anyway. There’s no winning here.

  11. Jeri Says:

    Jim – and Shawn, if you’re reading over his shoulder – if this makes you cranky I’d be glad to retract. Teasing is only fun when it’s, well, fun.

    We’ll have to take Shawn to a baseball game, he can field foul balls!

    Matt, you’ll have to write captions. Well, wait a minute, you probably already do professionally. LOL

    Jim, sounds like you’re being treated like an oldest child. It’s so unfair isn’t it?

  12. Jim Wright Says:

    Well, I am an oldest child…

    And far from making us, uh partners cranky, it amused the hell out of us. Great picture.

  13. John the Scientist Says:

    Michelle, you’ve never irked me, it’s just that I consider WV-bashing to be a less of an avocation than a second vocation. ;-)

  14. John the Scientist Says:

    Until, that is, some Yankee or Californicator indulges in it. Then all of a sudden I’m Appalachian to the core…