Millionaire Soldier

Sgt Wayne Lede of the Washington National Guard is returning to Iraq for a third tour of duty this fall. He’s served two tours over there already in the regular Army, and was told he did not have to return, but volunteered. He feels accompanying his unit is his duty, and he’s going.

This particular national guardsman won the lottery in February – a million dollar scratch ticket. He works full time as a banker in his home town, and while he’s not retiring and living off his interest any time soon, he could certainly be living more luxuriously than in a tent in Iraq.

Apparently, he has a heck of a lot more character than that. Thank you, Sgt Lede, and to all the men and women in your unit who are leaving family and the comforts of home behind to serve our country.

One Response to “Millionaire Soldier”

  1. Jim Wright Says:

    For those who are a bit fuzzy on the concepts of duty, honor, and commitment – this is what it looks like.