Things are Looking Up

First, I came home from work today to find LOOT! Although I didn’t find this out until nearly 10pm, because the finks who live at my home and raid my fridge didn’t tell me I’d gotten a package until then.

So I opened it and it was CHOCOLATE LOOT! Thank you very, very much, Michelle. It definitely helped with the stressful and decidedly down time I’ve been having lately.

Michelle sent me candy from BonBon Bar homemade chocolates — all organic, all handmade, no high-fructose corn syrup. Tonight I’m nibbling on a Single Malt Scotch Ganache & Chewy Caramel topped with Maldon Sea Salt bar… mmmm. I also have vanilla and passion fruit marshmallows (I gave the fink who retrieved the package a marshmallow), a caramel nut bar, a malt bar, and a dark chocolate orange bar.

It is wonderful stuff, thank you so much. I’m hiding the rest. I might even take it with me to Anchorage next week for hotel room snacking. :)

I really appreciate the thoughtfulness, Michelle, it definitely helps lift my spirits.

Second, the flowers in the picture are from my sweet and eternally patient husband, who brings me flowers even when I’m the one who’s being crabby. They improved my day, too.

And third, I gave the second in a series of two financial analysis presentations today at work. In spite of having to deliver mixed news, the presentation went very well and was positively received. The analysis involved required a significant amount of additional work on personal time, and the presentations themselves were pretty stressful, so I’m very thankful to be done with them. It’s a big load off my shoulders.

And fourth, well, I have great friends. Online friends, face-to-face friends, work friends, family. I tend to take that for granted until I see them rally around to support me and others when things are tough. You all are great, and I’m very thankful.

Things are looking up. And there’s chocolate. Yeah, Michelle! :)

6 Responses to “Things are Looking Up”

  1. Tania Says:

    Yay! BonBonBar – unofficial candy bar of the UCF.

    Glad the presentations were well received and went well. *hug*

  2. mattw Says:

    Glad things are starting to look up.

  3. Random Michelle K Says:

    Full disclosure: Nina read my comment somewhere about my chocolate melting because it was so hot, and insisted on giving me a voucher. As I am still thoroughly enjoying the chocolate, I didn’t think it was fair, so I decided to use only part of the voucher, and use that to send the chocolate to someone else.

    After all, I’m already convinced at the awesomeness of Bon Bon Bars.

    Thus I only had to pay for shipping, so I’m slightly less wonderful than you thought, but Nina is far more wonderful than you realized. :)

  4. Jeri Says:

    Thanks, Tania. I actually *like* doing presentations – the process of preparing them as well as the actual delivery – I just don’t like high-stakes, smells-like-scapegoat sessions.

    Matt, thanks.

    Michelle, it’s still supremely thoughtful and I’m thankful. :) And I hope you won’t think me ungrateful… IF Jim and Beastly are willing to trek to Anchorage to have breakfast with me next week I might share. A little. Because quality is far more important than quantity in chocolate. Although Jim’s probably not reading this, he’s busy planning his comprehensive takedown of Fortress Downey. ;)

  5. Random Michelle K Says:

    I guess you’re allowed to make Jim and Beastly happy as well.

    Though I think it should mean that Jim can’t be mean to me for a WHOLE WEEK!

    HA HA!

  6. Natalie Says:

    Mmmm, chocolate. I love love love chocolate. I’ve never heard of this type of chocolate, but I might have to find some. Hope your trip to Anchorage is nice.

    Natalie (trying to visit all the UCFer’s blogs…)