My Mother the Shark

You are probably tired of hearing me brag about my mom, Marilynn. Tough. :) She lives a pretty extraordinary life and I’m proud of that.

She returned home from her French riverboat cruise last Monday. She is a Masters swimmer, and this last weekend she hopped in the pool at the state championship meet.

She won medals in her events in the the 50 back, 50 breast and 50 and 500 free, qualifying her for next year’s summer National Senior Olympic Games, to be held in California next year. Because mom is just a little competitive, she wants to swim more races at the games – so she may hit the road to a few neighboring state championships and try to qualify for other events as well.

Mom is 74 and will be 75 at the games. Her rocking chair is gathering dust. Go, mom! :)

10 Responses to “My Mother the Shark”

  1. Janiece Says:

    Go, Mom! Go, Mom!

    Active seniors maketh me to smile.

  2. Nathan Says:

    That’s very cool Jeri.

    The third time I filmed in Norwalk, CT I showed up to file my permits. I poked my head into the town clerk’s office and when I saw that no one was there, I asked the first person I could find if Mary was around. The young guy I’d asked, said, “Oh, no. This is Senior Olympics Week. Mary’s off winning more medals.”

    I googled this little old lady later that night and found this excerpt: she has 71 gold medals, 52 silvers and 23 bronze medals in a variety of events. And she has five national and world track and field titles — first in the United States in the shotput,

    Shotput? Holy Crap.

    I’m amazed what older folks are up to. Thank god my young (48-year-oled) butt has a few years before I have to compete with them.

    Give your mom a high-five from me!

  3. Nathan Says:

    oled? I may have coined another word.

  4. Vince Says:

    I think it’s great that your mom is so active, and you should be proud of her.

    Yay Jeri’s mom!

  5. mattw Says:

    Wow, go Jeri’s mom!

  6. Random Michelle K Says:

    You are probably tired of hearing me brag about my mom

    Heck no! More stories! More stories! Go Smug Mum!

  7. Tania Says:

    I’m with Michelle – more good mom stories. My mom, John’s mom, and his grandparents fill me with despair regarding aging. Things like this, and my grandmother, give me hope. I need hope, and not just as a middle name.

  8. Mom Says:

    Jer, It’s because of you girls, and your passle? (ok Nathan)of friends that helps, seniors get up, whining and grimacing and grouching about the knees that don’t work well, the back that aches, the glasses in the locker, the teeth in the glass on the sink, the crick in the neck, and the… the ..hum…..o.k. and do it anyway! The alternatives are not too attractive to me! The encouragement and the accolades are great! Thanks gang!!!

  9. Jeri Says:

    Mom – we are all tremendously proud of you, and not a little envious of the ambition your bring to your life every single day. Please keep at it!

  10. Holy Says:

    That is SO awesome. Wow….your mother wears a Speedo, not army boots. Tell her I’m proud of her too, and she’s not even my mother.