No Power

My neighborhood power transformer just went “bang” and everything has shut down around me for blocks around. I was very confused at first until I realized that the reason I was still happily talking on a conference call, staring at a brightly lit computer monitor and surfing wireless Internet was because I have a very nice battery backup.

::does the superior dance::

It only lasts 90 minutes, though, and power outages in my neck of the woods tend to last quite a bit longer.

Hey – I have a generator! I’ve never used it before! And at the price of gas, I probably can’t afford to unless it’s actually an emergency.

Have a great evening. I’ll be offline. :D

2 Responses to “No Power”

  1. Ilya Says:

    In my former homeowner days, I constantly contemplated getting a generator and never actually got one. When an occasional outage hit, I always went beside myself because of not having one. [Repeat the cycle as necessary].

    Happy to hear that there are people smarter than me on this point :)

  2. Jeri Says:

    We did run our generator for an hour just to say we’ve used it – it worked fine but it’s loud. (our neighbor was running his too) We turned it off at 9pm so folks could sleep.

    The power came back on about 2am, which is nice, because I could work at home today and didn’t have to go into the office this a.m.