Sunday Flowers

The clematis have reached the top of their trellis and are tumbling over onto the fence.

Our helianthus are in bloom early – they’re usually late summer/autumn flowers.

It’s lavender season! I love the scent.

Pink Rose
We have fabulous roses, courtesy of the folks who lived here before. This one’s the size of a salad bowl and the scent is wonderful.

Red Rose
More great roses – these are long stemmed and beautiful.

4 Responses to “Sunday Flowers”

  1. Random Michelle K Says:

    Wow! You really are a couple weeks behind me! My lavender needs trimmed back now, and my clematis that looks very similar to yours, is done blooming.

    I’m jealous of the roses. I love their smell, but haven’t been able to grow any other than the hardy shrub roses, which are nice, but not so much known for their scent.

  2. Vince Says:

    Those are beautiful flowers, and beautiful pictures of them. I’m envious – no flowers is one drawback to living in an apartment, although there are a number of plants that live here, such as bamboo, aloe, and greenery I have know idea what actually are.

  3. Michelle K Says:

    Vince, if you post pictures, I bet someone would be able to identify them. :)

  4. Eric Says:

    Beautiful pics; the colors really come out well. I especially like the first in the series, the clematis.