My Celebrity Lookalikes

Most look nothing like me and they’re mostly guys. I’m especially fond of the Ted Bundy and Brad Richards matches – those are special.

However, I can concede (and be pleased with!) a resemblance to Liv Ullman and Carl Sagan. Now if only I had a brain like Sagan…

5 Responses to “My Celebrity Lookalikes”

  1. Janiece Says:

    Carl Sagan! Envy!

  2. Eric Says:

    You mean Sagan now or Sagan when he was alive?

    What? You’re not telling me it’s still too soon?

    (Yes, I’m perfectly aware I’m going to Hell.)

  3. Michelle K Says:

    Actually, you look like a twin for my friend Mary from college, with red hair instead of blonde.

  4. Jeri Says:

    Eric, I’m way too rotund to match Sagan now. He’s gotten a bit bony of late. ;)

  5. Jim Wright Says:

    Okay, now you’re both going to hell